For Sale System Breakdown.. Downgrading


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Long Island, NY
I want to downgrade my system to a nuvo 25, I will be including some fish and livestock. Wont part anything out unless someone buys only the tank and nothing else.

I currently have:

SCA 66 gallon Starfire system. -$600 including stand and sump/ plumbing.
66 Gallon Display Tank (background is painted black in acrylic paint)
Black Cabinet Stand
Sump 27 gallons
Skimmer - Icecap k2-50 $100
Rio 2500 return pump $20
2 Generic wave makers - free
Black box led $40
refugium light - $10
Heater - free

Sand Carribsea Aragonite
Refugium with sand, rock and loads of chaeto/an established pod population.

Clowns not included*** I want to keep them.
Yellow tang medium size - $50
Flame Angel - $50
Algae Blenny - $25
Fire Cleaner Shrimp Large, cleans fish - $25
a few Crabs - free

Small Pulsing Xenia Rock - $20
Rock 1: Deadpool shroom, Firework Cloves, small red Monti frag & medium size Watermelon RBTA. - $200
Rock 2: Acan colony & Rock flower nem $100
Rock 3: 3 BTAs, 2 small rainbow, 1 green thats hidden. - $120
I am keeping my Zoa rock cause I have a lot of high end Zoas id like to put in my new downgrade. but I will give a single frag of everything on it to whoever buys.

if you want to buy the tank and only a few things, prices are listed. You don't have to buy just the tank alone, or everything.

Tank with stand and sump only (return pump and plumbing included) - $600
Tank with everything listed, livestock & equipment $1300