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Salgado Aquatics

Manhattan Reefs
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Bronx, NY

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Aberrant Golden Blue Eye Tang
Atlantic Blue Tang
Bariene Tang
Blue Hippo Tang
Blonde Naso Tang
Chocolate Tang
Clown Tang
Convict Tang
Desjardini Tang
Flam Fin Tomini Tang
Fowleri Tang
Gemmatum Tang
Golden Blue Eye Tang
Hybrid Powder Blue x Goldrim Tang
Koi Tang
Mustard Tang
Naso Tang
Orangeshoulder Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Purple Tang
Sailfin Tang
Scopas Tang
Vlamingii Tang
Xanthic Yellow Scopas Tang
Yellow Blue Hippo Tang

Blueface Angelfish
Bicolor Angelfish
Coral Beauty Angelfish
Eibli Angelfish
Emperor Angelfish
French Angelfish
Flame Angelfish
Multicolor Angelfish
Queen Angelfish
Swallowtail Angelfish
Red Sea Regal Angelfish
Regal Angelfish (Indonesia)
Copperband Butterflyfish
Raccoon Butterflyfish
Punctato Butterflyfish

Banana Wrasse
Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
Carpenter Flasher Wrasse
Diamond Tail Flasher Wrasse
Exquisite Wrasse
Filamented Flasher Wrasse
Katherine’s Fairy Wrasse (M)
Madagascar Flasher Wrasse
Madagascar Jewel Wrasse
McCosker’s Black Fin Flasher Wrasse
Melanurus Wrasse
Moyer’s Leopard Wrasse (M)
Mystery Wrasse
Naoko’s Fairy Wrasse
Pintail Fairy Wrasse GOLD
Radiant Wrasse
Red Margin Fairy Wrasse
Rose-Band Fairy Wrasse
Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse
Scott’s Greenback Fairy Wrasse (M)
Tricolor Sailfin Fairy Wrasse
Twistii Wrasse
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Yellowchest Twist Wrasse
Yellow-Flanked Fairy Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse
Fathead Sunburst Anthias
Lyretail Anthias (M/F)
Squareback Anthias (M/F)

Banded Shark
Blue Throat Triggerfish (M/F)
Cuban Hogfish
Diadem Dottyback
Firefish Goby
Foxface Lo
Magnificent Foxface
Ocellaris Clownfish
Red Sea Clownfish
Remora Sharksucker
Saddleback Clownfish
Snowflake Eel
Tomato x Ocellaris Clownfish (Hybrid)
Quoyi Parrotfish
Clown Triggerfish
Peppermint Shrimp
Harlequin Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp
Strawberry Crab
Emerald Crab

Frozen Food In Stock.

Large variety of rock in stock. All sizes.

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