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  1. For Sale SKIMZ SUMP FS

    $250 LIKE NEW USED FOR 4 months NO LEAKS LEAVING HOBBY PICK IN SELDEN 11784 631-793-1802 thanks reefers
  2. For Sale Coral saw FS

    $250 FIRM LIKE NEW USED A DOZEN TIMES WORKS GREAT XL SIZE PICK UP SELDEN 11784 631-793-1802 thanks reefers
  3. For Sale Frag tank FS

    $75 USED NO LEAKS LEAVING HOBBY 48”x12”x24” drilled underneath with corner overflow PICK UP IN SELDEN 11784 631-793-1802 Thanks reefers
  4. For Sale Great deal must go

    Hey all I have about 50 pounds of live rock with three different Types of mushrooms, various zoas, some chalice etc growing all over it. Also a 3? plate of nirvana zoas. Everything must go, need to shut down the tank. $200 firm Pick up in selden. 11784 Thank you REEF ON
  5. Zoa pack fs

    Hey Reefers, WYSIWYG Zoa Pack $150 Purple monsters Strawberry wine Spider man Tutti frutti Nirvanas Acid reflux Queen strat Nightmares Blue hornets Scrambled eggs Eye of Rah Pick up in Selden 11784 or shipped for $25-$35 extra overnight Thank you
  6. Wtt for zoas

    Hey all My collection took a hit and I?d like to regain some of my past collectible zoas. I have a bunch of zoas I could trade you so please let me know what you may have. I also lost some of the lower to mid range stuff so I?m open to trades. Some of you may have even bought from me In the...
  7. Zoas FS

    Healed frags ready to go: Scrambled eggs $20 each (5 frags) NOW $10 each Speckled Krakatoa 4 polyp $200SOLD Black hornets 6 polyps $70 NOW $50 3? disc of Nirvanas (need to color up) NOW $75 Pick up or meet Located in Selden 11784 Thanks Reefers
  8. Gold torch

    Semi split gold torch $475 firm must pick up selden 11784 thank you
  9. Wtb gryphon aquasaw

    Hey all I?m looking for a used Gryphon aquasaw in good working condition. I can provide cash and zoa frags of all kinds. Thank you.
  10. WTB little shop of horror zoa and Oscar the grouch zoa

    Hey Reefers Would like to buy/trade for one polyp of each please Pics for reference
  11. Zoas fs

    Hey Reefers 1 polyp w/baby Queen Stratosphere 2 polyps w/baby Afterburners Top two pics are wysiwyg/closed up a bit $100 Selden 11784
  12. Nice zoas for sale

    Hey Reefers I have the following zoas for sale: **The pictures are not mine but I chose them based on their similarity to my zoas, colors are a bit exaggerated due to filters. Having a hard time taking pics with my new phone, my apologies. 1pp Beauty and the beast 1pp Queen Strat 1pp Acid...
  13. Elos Cube Sump FS

    Hey Reefers $100 takes it. Bought it for $150 from an MR member and I never even did anything with it since I bought a brand new sump a week later. Comes with plastic top and splash guard. Nothing wrong with it. 15.5?D x 19?W x 16.75?T Pick up in selden 11784 Thank you
  14. Zoa clean out

    Hey Reefers Have the following zoas to clean out so I can shut down the frag tank. Pink zippers Frozen apples Blow pops Bob marleys Scrambled eggs Pink hippos Utter chaos Nightmares ($20 additional add on) $60 for 7 frags First come first serve. If I run out of some I?ll drop the price for...
  15. Soprano zoas (rare)

    Hey reefers One 1pp frag One 2pp frag $150 per polyp Picture is of mother colony (not for sale)
  16. Protein skimmer (internal)

    Looking for a protein slimmer that fits in my sump that is submersible. Needs to fit in a 10?x10? space. Used and functioning properly is fine. New is fine too. Preferably of quality. Deltec and Skimz if there are any out there. For a 70 gallon system. Thank you
  17. Space Chaos

    Hey Reefers This frag in the pic is sold but the others all look alike. 1pp $120 2pp $220 PM pls Thank you
  18. Beautiful Combo FS

    Hey Reefers, This beautiful combo of Utter Chaos, Blonde Blue Eyed B and Red monti is for sale. First $100 takes it. Located 11784 Selden Should be picked up so the monti doesn?t snap during shipping. I can meet up within reasonable distance. Thanks!!
  19. Zoalovin FS

    Hey Reefers This deal is only for today. You can PayPal me today and arrange to meet or I can ship over the next week or so. Shipping is Extra. $140 gets you: -pink zippers -La lakers -Scrambled eggs -blow pops -purple monsters -frozen apples -utter chaos -Bob Marleys -rastas -freebie Pics...
  20. ZoaLand

    Hey Reefers what?s up? I?ve got some zoas up for grabs: -Bob Marleys -Blow pops -Nightmares -LA Lakers -Frozen apples **$100 for the pack of 5. Minimum of 2 pp per frag. ** You can swap pink zippers or utter chaos into the mix instead if you?d like. ** I can ship to you as well. Pictures...