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  1. Coral Red Dragon Acro Mini-Colonies

    Well, my Tyree Red Dragon Acro mother colony got too big. Not a bad problem, but I had to frag it to make room for other corals. I made several large mini-colonies between 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. Prices are as follows: A) $60 B) $40 C) $50 D) $90 E) $100 F)...
  2. Staghorn Colony

    Looking to make room for my frags so I?m parting with this staghorn colony for $50. Pick up only in Montville, NJ.
  3. Coral Tyree Red Dragon

    Trimmed my Red Dragon colony a bit. I have three frags for sale. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. A) $50 B) $40 C) $20
  4. Tyree Red Dragon mini colonies and frags

    Trimmed my red dragon colony today, creating 3 mini colonies and 5 frags. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. Mini Colonies: A) 6? plus - $125 B) 5.5? - $100 C) 5? - $80 Frags D) 2? - $30 E) 2? - $30 H) 1? - $30
  5. Red Dragon Acro

    I have 4 Tyree Red Dragon frags available. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. A-$80 (4 inches) B-$75 (3 inches) C-$40 (2 inches) D-$30 (1.5 inches)
  6. Tyree Rainbow Stylo Colony - LARGE

    Looking to make room for new sticks so I am considering selling my Rainbow Stylo colony. Size is approximately 12" x 8". I'm not interested in fragging at this time. Asking $250, local pick up only in Montville, NJ 07045. Thanks.
  7. Tyree Red Dragon

    I have four Tyree Red Dragon frags for sale. A, B and C are approximately 2 inches and D is 3+ inches. $25 each for A,B, and C. $45 for D. Pickup ONLY in Montville, NJ.
  8. Red Dragon Mini Colonies

    I have two mini Colonies of Tyree Red Dragon. Both pieces measure 4" +. Piece B is much thicker. Pick up ONLY in Montville, NJ (07045). Piece A is $65. Piece B is $75.
  9. Tyree Rainbow Stylo

    Selling a large piece of Tyree Rainbow Stylo - $50. Pickup only in Montville, NJ.
  10. Jason Fox Red Dragon

    Selling some JF Red Dragon to make room in the tank. Pickup only in Montville, NJ. I am selling the following pieces: A) $100 - 5-6" B) $85 - 5" C) $50 - 4" D) $35 - 3" E) $35 - 3"
  11. Large Green Pocillopora Coral

    I need to make room, so I am selling my poci colony which I have had since a small frag. It is roughly 10-12 inches in diameter. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. Asking $150.
  12. Tyree Red Dragon and JF Rainbow Stylo Frags

    I have a couple Tyree Red Dragon frags and Jason Fox Rainbow Stylo frags for sale. Pick up ONLY in Montville, NJ. a) Red Dragon @2 inches - $25 b) Red Dragon @3+ inches - $50 c) Rainbow Stylo @1 inch - $20 d) Rainbow Stylo @2.5 inches - $45 Please excuse the blue light:
  13. Tyree Red Dragon Colonies

    I have two Tyree Red Dragon colonies for sale, both are about 5 to 6 inches tall. I purchased the original frag from Jason Fox. Colonies are $100 each. Pick up only in Montville, NJ.
  14. Frags FS

    I have a couple Tyree Red Dragons, JF Rainbow Stylos, and Green Poccis. Pick up only in Montville, NJ. A) Red Dragon - 3.5" - $40 B) Red Dragon - 3.5" - $40 C) Green Pocci - $10 D) Green Pocci - $15 E) Rainbow Stylo - $25 F) Rainbow Stylo - $10 Also have a large Mystic Monti which I can frag.
  15. Couple of small SPS Packs

    Need to make room for my goodies from this weekend's WWC live sale. I have 2 SPS frag packs, $60.00 each. Pick up only - 07045. Frag Pack 1 Tyree Red Dragon Acro (@2.5") Jason Fox Rainbow Stylo (@1.5") Green Pociloporra (@3/4-1") Frag Pack 2 Tyree Red Dragon Acro (@2.5") Jason...
  16. TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights and transformer

    Just purchased these LED striplights in Deepwater Blue to supplement my T5s, but I've now decided to convert everything to LEDs. They are BNIB never used. Purchase price is $100, but I will sell them for $90 to avoid the hassle (and cost) of returning by mail. Pick up only - 07045...
  17. Tyree Red Dragon

    I have a few Tyree Red Dragon frags. Bought the original frag from Jason Fox almost 2 years ago. a. SOLD b. $35 c. $25 Pick up in Montville,NJ only.
  18. Monti Sale

    Broke up my Mystic Monti colony. I have some large pieces (unmounted) and some smaller frags. Also for sale is my large red Monti (about 8 inches in diameter). Pick up only in 07045. a,c,d) Mystic Monti frags (approx. 1.5 inches): $15 each e) Mystic Monti (3.0 inches): $30 f) Mystic...
  19. Red Monti Cap Colony

    My red monti cap is outgrowing my DT. I prefer not to frag. $40.00 for a 10+ inch colony. Pick up in North Jersey 07045 (Montville)
  20. Various Corals FS

    Making room in my DT. I have the following corals available: Mystic Sunset monti (1 inch) $15 - 3 frags available Green monti (1-2 inches) $10 - 1 frags available Pulsing xenia frags (2-3 heads) $5 - 4 available Pulsing xenia frags (10+ stalks on small piece of live rock) $15 - 1 available...