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  1. WTB Filefish

    Hi guys anyone have a filefish for sale
  2. Pest Id

    Hi all I was going through my zoas , one frag was not looking to good when I picked up that frag something long and kinda flat swam out super fast and went darting through the water any idea what it could have been?
  3. Equipment For sale Reeflink

    Hi I have a Reeflink for sale used for 2 months Price is 60
  4. Lighting Radion G4 non pro

    I have a Radion G4 non pro for sale , it has been used for less than 8 months Price is 550
  5. Free Free clowns

    Hi I have a pair of tomatoe clowns that are laying eggs and causing havoc in my frag tank , frag would be appreciated if possible
  6. Fish Free pair of tomatoe clowns

    Hi I have a pair of breeding tomatoe clowns in my frag tank they wont stop laying eggs and causing a ruckus with my frags , free but a frag or two would be appreciated but not necessarily if they go to a good home
  7. WTB Stormtrooper clowns

    Hi anyone have a pair for sale
  8. Fish for sale

    Hi I have the following fish for sale they are healthy and eat well they are all adult fish Large clown trigger Large blue face angel Pair of tomatoes clowns Clown and angel will only be sold to someone with a large tank
  9. Free fish to a good home

    Hi I am looking to re home the following fish due to the recent power outage / meltdown of my large tank Two oceleris clowns , really good buds Large Yellow Tang Medium four bar blk/wht damsel My main concern is that these fish go to a great home so a larger tank is preferred and I will like...
  10. Lightly used radion and hydra

    HI I have a two lights for sale AI HYDRA 26 Hd with bracket $275 Radion xr 30 g4 non pro $550
  11. WTB the following frags

    Hi thought it would never happen , had a power outage and it wiped out my tank looking to replace some stuff Miami hurricane chalice Holly wood stunner Reverse superman Any other colorful nice stuff I'd like small frags to keep cost down ty
  12. Equipment for sale

    Hi I am selling the following items Radion g4 xr 30 non pro $550 AI HYDRA 26 Hd with bracket $275 Reeflink $60 Eshopps hob skimmer rated 75 to 100 gallons $60 Wavepoint t5 56w x 4 brand new bulbs $125 Echotech mp10 qd $150 Thanks for looking
  13. Radion xr30 g4

    Hi I am selling my Radion G4 xr30 non pro , light was used for two months $550
  14. Equipment for sale

    Hi I have some stuff for sale Radion Xr30 g4 non pro $ 525 Ai hydra 26 hd with bracket $ 275 2 available Echotech mp10 qd $ 150 Reeflink $ 60 Wavepoint 48 inch T5 56 watt x 4 bulb 2x white , 2x actinic blue used for two weeks so bulbs are basically new $ 140
  15. Radion , AI for sale

    Hi I have a Radion g4 xr30 non pro for sale 525 ,, also I have two Ai hydra 26s hd with brackets 525 ,, Radion is used less than 2 months , hydras were used for six prices are firm thanks for looking
  16. Radion xr30 g4 non pro

    Hi I have a radion xr30 g4 for sale it is non pro and it had been used at 50 percent for 2 months $ 525 takes it
  17. Anyone have a black widow anemone

    Looking to buy a black widow
  18. Trade lights

    Hi would anyone like to trade my ai 26 hd with mount for a radion g4 15, light has been used for two months
  19. WTB CHiller

    Hi I'm looking for a chiller that can handle a 125 gallon
  20. Clown trigger for sale

    Hi I have a 4 plus inch clown trigger for sale 85 , he is healthy and eats well