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  1. WTB Filefish

    I love that store
  2. WTB Filefish

    Ty sir
  3. WTB Filefish

    Hopefully they ship
  4. WTB Filefish

    Much appreciated thanks alot
  5. WTB Filefish

    Hi guys anyone have a filefish for sale
  6. Equipment Eco tech Diffuser

    Hey are the xr 30s still available
  7. Tank Red Sea Reefer 450

    Hi is the tank still for sale
  8. Coral WWC Kung Pao Monti

    Hi any chance we could meet in Howard beach today ?
  9. Equipment for sale

    Hydras sold
  10. Pest Id

    Thanks for the reply I'm hoping it was just a copepod
  11. Pest Id

    Hi all I was going through my zoas , one frag was not looking to good when I picked up that frag something long and kinda flat swam out super fast and went darting through the water any idea what it could have been?
  12. Coral Yellow tip torch mini colony

    Hi is it still available
  13. Fish Davinci Clownfish for sale Manhattan

    If still available I'd take them
  14. Equipment For sale Reeflink

    Hi I have a Reeflink for sale used for 2 months Price is 60
  15. Lighting Radion G4 non pro

    I have a Radion G4 non pro for sale , it has been used for less than 8 months Price is 550
  16. For Sale Dragon Soul Torch

  17. Coral Acros - Montis - Torches - Chalices - Hammers

    Can you please give me prices for the torches
  18. Coral Acros - Montis - Torches - Chalices - Hammers

    What kind of torches
  19. Shoutout! 2 heads Black Phantom Torch

    I'll take one
  20. Shoutout! 2 heads Black Phantom Torch

    Let me know