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  1. For Sale FS:Aquarium Additives/Chemicals

    Hey selling aquarium additives brand new/not expired/unopened, just not using my other additives fast enough/reducing clutter. Located at 07601 can deliver in Manhattan Saltwater: Pack#1 for $20 Fritzzyme 9 16oz. Fritzzyme Monster460 16oz. Pack#2 for $30 RedSea Reef Foudation(Ca/Alk/Mag)...
  2. Lighting FS: Aquamaxx NemoLight 24”-36”

    Selling my used AquaMaxx NemoLight , has built in controller/timer, can mimic dusk/dawn/cloud/storm effect. Asking $100. Great light for budget nano reefers.
  3. Lighting FS: Radion XR30 Pro Gen4 (x3)

    Hey Selling off my Radion XR30 Pros, I have 3 total Selling all 3 for $1900 or $700 each. Open to cash/cash+trades. Trades for iPhone8+(good condition), Kessils 360x’s(2),high end coral.
  4. WTB/WTT IPhone X or newer

    Hey looking to buy/trade for a iPhone X or newer (unlocked carrier) (no iCloud lock) fair condition or better( no cracks / scratches, scuffs ok) GB doesn’t matter I have coral/reef equipment for trade let me know
  5. Dragon Soul Torch/Hammer coral/Zoa pack

    Dragon Soul Torch Coral $300PP Gold/Orange Wall Hammer Coral 5?x3? $300 Green Purple Thin Branching Hammer Coral $15PP Bicolor Frogspawn $30PP ?Discount on multiples? Zoa Pack: Acid Reflux 2P/Purple death 5p $50Per Pack (4 packs total) (Cash,Cash+trades) Pick Up 07601, Manhattan(hell?s...
  6. Fish/Inverts FS

    Baby Hippo tang 2? raised from 1? eats everything -$50 Yasha Goby(female) 1.5? eats flake/frozen -$50 Urchin Trio (blue tuxedo,white pincushion,Halloween) Used to rid my tank of caluerpa outbreak/flake algae. $40 for all 3 Green LTAs Pair both for Pick up in 07601 or meet up in...
  7. Zoa ID

    Does anyone know what these are ?
  8. WTB Intank media basket fluval Spec

    Hey wondering if anyone has a fluval Spec intank media basket they are willing to part with. Let me know.
  9. Clean-up crew/Inverts FS

    Hey letting go some of my cleanup crew: 2 Skunk Cleaner shrimp 2?(bonded)SOLD, Halloween urchin 2.5?, Blue tuxedo urchin 2?, White pin cushion urchin 2?,5 red leg hermit crabs. Asking 45$ for 3 urchins . Pick up 07601/07024 can deliver to manhattan.
  10. Precision Marine KR620 Kalk Reactor

    Selling for $165 Can deliver to NYC,NNJ,CNJ,BX,BK,PA
  11. Biocube 29+stand

    Selling Used Biocube 29+stand( comes with stock hood,pump, unmodded), 2 filter cartridges and jbj magnet fuge light; asking for $230 OBO pick up (07601) can deliver for small fee BX,BK,Manhattan
  12. WTT Livestock for DSLR Camera

    Looking to try my hand at photography willing to trade Fish/Coral livestock +/cash for introductory DSLR Camera Doesn?t have to be anything fancy. But something that is fairly easy to use and preferably with a additional lense or two. Let me know what you got.
  13. Fish/Corals/Inverts FS

    Trimming down on Livestock can deliver to NJrC Meeting this weekend, Manhattan,Brooklyn(midwood),Bronx,SI(at POTO), NNJ,upper CNJ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Fish/Inverts FS

    Cutting back on some of my livestock: 1) white cap goby/w pistol shrimp $340 OBO 2) 3 blue coral banded shrimps (1 bonded pair $50)+ (single$20) take all 3 for $65 3) Trio of baby tangs(yellow2.25-2.5?,hippo1.5?,tomini1.5??shy? ) all eating flakes,nori, frozen SOLD PM for pics Can meet up in...
  15. Nano tanks FS

    Cleaning out storage letting go of these tanks: 1) IM Nuvo 20 dropoff (acrylic)( no return pump/no nozzles)(good condition few fine scratches) $260 OBO 2) fluval Spec 3/2.3g (good/excellent condition)$45 OBO 3)fluval Chi 5g(just tank)(good condition) $20 OBO 4) API tap water filter (new/unused)...
  16. Moving Sale Fish

    Pick up a 07024 near GWB 1) white cap goby w/pistol shrimp $330 2) pintail wrasse 2.5? $65 3) 1) Hippo tang 2.5-3? raised from 1? $40 4)1 bangaii cardinal 2.5? $10 5) 1 ruby cardinal 1.5-1.75? $10 6) dragonface pipefish( messmate) 5-6? $15 Open to trades LPS/Softies(zoas/mushrooms/leathers)...
  17. Moving sale Fish and tanks FS

    Getting rid of stuff might be moving in August: 1) 5 black clownfish 1.75?-2? $25each 2) lighting maroon clownfish 1? SOLD 3) zoomed frag tank lowboy (used/drilled) corner trim cracked(repaired) but holds water just fine $20 or trade for nice zoa/LPS/mushroom frag 4)fluval CHI 5gal...
  18. Zoas,Lobo,Lightning Maroon FS

    Selling Darth Mauls, Gold Mauls, Purple Space Monster zoas, Lobo, lighting maroon clownfish 1inch. Pickup 07024. Can meet up at GWB. Prices listed. Open to trades for Zoas,mushrooms, softies
  19. Closet Cleanout

    Got a few things that are sitting around: 1x Used Coralife BC14 PC hood $60 1x Used Intank media basket BC14 $30 2x new(inbox)BC14/16 stands $65 each 1x Used aquapod 12 PC hood$ 25 1x Fluval Chi 5g (tank only) $40 1x Used Pond Master Mag12 MFG 05/10 $50 Open to trades(equipment,livestock),OBO...
  20. WTB/WTT for IM Nuvo/Frag tank <30G

    Looking to Buy or trade for IM Nuvo 14P,20P,20,25 or frag tank under 30g. Looking for tank close to 12inch high. Got livestock fish/coral,equipment to trade.