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  1. Coral Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    Not actual size but it's not small neither.Mounted on a disc.Pick up only in Bethpage. Asking 100.00.No trades.I accept Paypal,Zelle and Apple Pay.
  2. Coral Duncan FT/FS

    Looking to trade this for a sps or some zoos or you can just buy it for 10.00.I'm in Bethpage. Not going to the Swap.
  3. Coral Suncoral Fs

    This is not a Dendro but it does open in the daytime depending on feeding time.Looking to get 40.00.Pick up is in Bethpage.
  4. Coral Bubble Gum Monti

    Whole piece for sale.50.00 takes it.Don't travel so pick up has to be made in Bethpage.
  5. Acer 27" Monitor

    A few years old in great shape.Up to 1080p Resolution.Has DVI output or can be used with VGA adapters which I have. 100.00 or beat offer.Cannot ship or bring anywhere.I take Paypal or Zelle too.
  6. Pump FS

    6W 1056GPH.Not wireless and has the two speeds.10.00 to pick up or if you want it shipped,it'll cost extra.Stock Photo.Needs a vinegar bath.
  7. Bad Bulbs

    Can older or damaged bulbs cause the the power to trip?I use Halides .I'm thinking a brown out might have damaged the bulbs.Any help would help
  8. Sour Apple Show piece

    Measures about 7-8" across.Not chopping it up.Must come with a bucket and a bit of your water.80.00 takes it.
  9. Temp Controller

    A bit too complicated for me.Brand new.30.00.Not Wifi
  10. Montipora FS

    Bubble Gum Monti The whole piece for sale.50.00. Bethpage is the pick up.Picture updated.
  11. Free Damsel

    I can get a good picture of it because it's hiding and stressed out but it's one of the less aggressive ones.Getting bullied by another fish.Pick up only in Bethpage.
  12. Jelly
  13. Acro FS

    Started out as a Fox Flame not this solid color.Pick up only at Bethpage.30.00
  14. Temp Probe

    Anyone have a probe for the Digital Aquatics Jr monitor?
  15. Unknown Acro

    Not sure what the original color was but tried to color it back up.It's healthy though.20.00 takes it.Pick up only.
  16. Mushrooms

    2 red Jawbreakers for sale.30.00 for both.Pick up only.Picture has been enlarged.
  17. Mushrooms

    What sort of methods are you using or dosing shrooms to get them to grow?
  18. Frag Racks

    Why do these racks collect so much algae?
  19. Bubble gum Monti Frag

    Can cut a decent size piece.25.00
  20. Free Buckets

    I assume they are 5 gallon buckets.I have 4 of them.Must come pick up.