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  1. Coral FS: 3 color Jawbreaker

    Hard to tell from the pics, but its got 2-4 green specs. Half dollar size +. Really nice piece. I hate to part with it, but I could use the extra cash. Will consider partial trade + cash or a straight trade on some fire.
  2. Need an AIO setup 40 gallons or less

    My clowns just laid eggs so I want to try and raise them. Not looking to spend a lot. $200 (ish) for the right deal. Located in NNJ.
  3. WTB: Mushrooms and Zoa's

    Im looking for A zoa called Super sunflowers and a polyp or two of speckled kracks. As far as shrooms a JB and some nice different ones.
  4. Looking to trade these

    I have these really, really nice shrooms that are super bright and starting to bounce up. I have had them for over two years. They are very slow growers. I havent seen anything close to them, but that doesn't mean anything. I sold two locally, looking to trade one, possibly two more. I'd prefer...
  5. Shrooms and SPS

    Looking for JB's, elects, kryptonites, deadools and blueberry shortcake Acro.
  6. WTB: Biopellet reactor

    Looking for one for a 200+ gallon system.
  7. APEX Display

    Does anyone have a display I can borrow for a day or sell CHEAP?
  8. WTB: Stratosphere and tree house of horror zoas/shroom

    Jawbreakers, deadpools.
  9. WTB: Shrooms

    Looking for any high end bounces. Deadpool, candy crush, j awbreakers, kryptonite, etc.
  10. Yellow Scopas Tang

    Looking to sell my yellow scopas tang. My black tang wants to kill him, so he's been in QT for months now.
  11. WTB: Shrooms

    Candy crush Deadpool Jawbreakers...more Red preferably Kryptonite
  12. WTB: mini colony SSC

    Looking to buy a nice size mini colony of Strawberry shortcake.
  13. WTB: 30-50 gallon AIO

    Looking to setup an octopus tank. A 30-50 gallon should do it. Let me know what you have.
  14. Wtb: Ato

    Looking to buy an ATO ASAP.
  15. WTB Brunneus and Pintail

    Looking for pairs or Males of both.
  16. WTB: Brunneus Fairy Wrasse

    Looking for a pair, but a male is fine. Please let me know.
  17. NYOS Skimmer

    Looking to buy the Nyos 200 Skimmer. Let me know. Thanks.
  18. WTB: List of Coral

    Jaw breakers Kryptonites Deadpool High end zoas and SPS watermelon chalices. Aussie Elegance Large hammer, octospawn - orange or yellow.
  19. WTB: List of Coral

  20. Wtb: Uv

    Im looking for 57W or larger UV.