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  1. Free: Red Sea Max 34g with tank and stand

    Tank and stand only for free. I got it from another MR member for free a few weeks ago and want to pay it forward. Unfortunately we cannot keep the tank at my work for liability reasons. I upgraded to Steve's LED upgrade and will sell the complete manufacturers top with LED upgrade for what I...
  2. 4 sided viewable tank

    any suggestions on a tank with 4 viewable sides?
  3. Sealine 1/10hp chiller - Brand new in box $200

    Model SL 150 - never used:
  4. Paintball gear: Including DM6, Proto PMR
  5. WTB: MACNA ticket(s)

    Anyone have for sale?
  6. Seeking plumber: Lower Upstate NY

    Looking for a plumber to give an estimate, hopefully with some experience with "on-demand" water heaters. The house is located in Orange County. Please PM me if interested or knows someone that might be.
  7. WTB: Female Purple Queen Anthias

    Please PM with price and availability.
  8. WTB: underwater casing for Canon 5D Mark II

    Anyone out there with one for sale please PM me.
  9. WTB: Mighty Mite 50GPD Anyone?
  10. WTB: Screen/mesh covering for MP10

    Misplaced the one that came with it...
  11. Miscellaneous reef items for sale

    Majano Wand - SOLD Current 1/15HP Chiller - Great condition - $125 Tank - GONE Air, Water, Ice RODI - Don't know much about it as I never installed it, but it does come with the chamber changing tool and what was sold to me as all brand new filters - $125 Items sold will be marked as such so...
  12. 99th annual art exhibition

    I'm happy to announce that my first sculpture ever casted has been selected to be in the exhibition at The National Arts Club in Gramercy Park. If you find yourself in the area and want to see my piece among the other artists that were chosen feel free to stop in during the exhibition showing...
  13. Hurricane relief for Rockaway

    Copy and pasted from an e-mail I received from my friend Evelyn this morning: Hi All, My friend has quickly mobilized to get things going to help the people of Rockaway. The event today is at Brother Jimmy's at 428 Amsterdam Ave. between 80th and 81st, right in some of your neighborhood!! It...
  14. Maxi-Jet Submersible Utility Pump 900

    Anyone know where I can pick one up tomorrow? Preferably in Manhattan.
  15. Portable battery powered air pump *FREE

    My power came back on and I have a functioning air pump with brand new D batteries in them ready for someone without power to use. :goldfish2
  16. Heat pacls

    Anyone know where I can get heat packs in the midtown area?
  17. DJ services wanted

    Looking for a DJ for a 50th birthday party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Sunday April 1st from 5:00pm - 9:00pm. The music selection will mostly be 70's disco, with some newer dance songs and lighter jams during dinner. Please PM me prices.
  18. My laziness just averted disaster...

    So, I never took my chiller offline as I had intended and noticed this morning that it had come on, apparently the heater went haywire going up to 83 degrees and climbing! It sometimes pays to be lazy :bigeyes2:
  19. Cadlights 8g

    So, I set up the tank and filled it with live rock and water last night and am quite impressed with the whole transaction from packaging, shipping and aesthetics. I plugged in the Hydor FLO Rotating Water Deflector and am pretty happy with this as well, although the reviews suggest I'll be...
  20. Introductory break-in period for new clownfish

    I had a snowflake clownfish in a 25g tank for about 2 months now and I added another one (Onyx misbar) last night, The onyx (slightly larger) has been chasing around the snowflake all morning, I was wondering if this will eventually stop or if I should separate the two now as I don't want the...