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  1. Coral FS: 3 color Jawbreaker

    Hard to tell from the pics, but its got 2-4 green specs. Half dollar size +. Really nice piece. I hate to part with it, but I could use the extra cash. Will consider partial trade + cash or a straight trade on some fire.
  2. Need an AIO setup 40 gallons or less

    Send me pics
  3. Need an AIO setup 40 gallons or less

    My clowns just laid eggs so I want to try and raise them. Not looking to spend a lot. $200 (ish) for the right deal. Located in NNJ.
  4. Nuvo fusion 10g bundle

    ill take it
  5. Tank Nuvo 40 package

    Send me pics of the actual tank please.
  6. For Sale Jawbreaker

    Still for sale?
  7. WTB: Barletts Anthias / Fathead

    Looking as well
  8. WTB: Mushrooms and Zoa's

    Im looking for A zoa called Super sunflowers and a polyp or two of speckled kracks. As far as shrooms a JB and some nice different ones.
  9. Looking to trade these

    I have these really, really nice shrooms that are super bright and starting to bounce up. I have had them for over two years. They are very slow growers. I havent seen anything close to them, but that doesn't mean anything. I sold two locally, looking to trade one, possibly two more. I'd prefer...
  10. Shrooms and SPS

    Looking for JB's, elects, kryptonites, deadools and blueberry shortcake Acro.
  11. WTB: Biopellet reactor

    Looking for one for a 200+ gallon system.
  12. APEX Display

    Does anyone have a display I can borrow for a day or sell CHEAP?
  13. WTB: Stratosphere and tree house of horror zoas/shroom

    Jawbreakers, deadpools.
  14. WTB: Shrooms

    Looking for any high end bounces. Deadpool, candy crush, j awbreakers, kryptonite, etc.
  15. Yellow Scopas Tang

    Looking to sell my yellow scopas tang. My black tang wants to kill him, so he's been in QT for months now.
  16. WTB: Shrooms

    Candy crush Deadpool Jawbreakers...more Red preferably Kryptonite
  17. WTB: mini colony SSC

    Looking to buy a nice size mini colony of Strawberry shortcake.
  18. WTB: 30-50 gallon AIO

    Looking to setup an octopus tank. A 30-50 gallon should do it. Let me know what you have.
  19. Wtb: Ato

    Looking to buy an ATO ASAP.