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  1. Lighting Radion G4 XR30w Pro's & XR30 Tank Mount Kits

    hello I have two Radion G4 XR30w Pro's each with a mount kit not (selling mounts separately) lights have been used since feb,2018 -April,2019 650$ firm for each or 1,200 for both not interested in any trades if interested pick up only Long Island 11717 pm if interested Thank you in advance...
  2. 2 kessil a350 tuna blue

    2 kessils a350 tuna blue with goose neck 125 each 200 for both firm both in working good condition can test before buying pick up only brentwood 11717
  3. Wtb gsp

    does anyone have green star polyps for sale ? prefer local to 11717 brentwood long island thanks in advance. PM me
  4. 5 RBTA?s

    A: 50$ opens to about 4 to 5 inch on a rock B: 80$ 2 nems on a rock each open to 4 to 5 inch C: 120$ 2 nems on a rock one opens to about 7 to 8 inch 2nd 5 to 6 inch if intrested text me 6312458616 pick up in brentwood only 11717 anemones could move just trying this out
  5. Kessil a360we tuna blue

    Kessil a360we tuna blue With gooseneck -250$firm Had for about a year works perfect Pick up only Brentwood Long Island 11717 If interested text only 6312458616
  6. 2 kessil a80

    2 kessil a80 160 for both with gooseneck if intrested text me 6312458616 pick up only long island brentwood
  7. purple & powder brown tang fs

    beautiful purple tang ,had for about a year about 5 inches also a powder brown 3? had for about 3 months all eating an healthy purple tang 70$ powder brown 40$ pickup long island brentwood intrested text me 6312458616
  8. kessil a80 with gooseneck 100$

    kessil a80 tuna blue for sale used since may always ran under 50% comes with a gooseneck pick up only in long island brentwood txt me 6312458616
  9. trigger system 26

    Dimensions: 26? long x 13? wide x 15? high Skimmer Section: 8.25? x 10? Center/Refugium Section: 7.75? x 12.5? Return Pump Section: 5? x 12.5? Total Water Volume: 20.4 gallons Skimmer Water Level: 7? to 9.5? adjustable Drain Input Fittings: 1 Filter Socks: 1 in may makes a year with the sump...
  10. Puffer f/s 40$

    Puffer for sale not really sure what type 5?-6? long Friendly loves frozen clams , looking for a good home Pickup only long island brentwood 11717 If intrested text me 6312458616
  11. 34g deep blue reef ready rimless

    Deep blue 34g entire setup Only about 4 months old Includes tank , stand , plumbing , sand , rock , trigger sytem sump , return pump & heater & a kessil a80 PROTEIN SKIMMER SOLD Everything mint for 600$ if intrested text me 631248616 Pick up only brentwood 11717
  12. Vertex omega 130 protein skimmer

    Protein skimmer vertex omega 130 for sale 150$ price firm Pick up only long island brentwood If intrested text me 6312458616
  13. 2 kessil a360we tuna blue

    2 kessil a360we tuna blue with gooseneck 600$ firm Pick up in brentwood long island 11717 If intrested text me 6312458616
  14. 210 gallon tank FS 500$

    Used 210gallon NON reef ready tank Good condition just needs to be lighlty cleaned an repainted black on the back No leaks chips or cracks Just downgraded tank size Includes Tank Stand Eshopps overflow box with pipings Pickup only long island brentwood 11717 Intrested text me for pictures...
  15. 3 kessil a360w tuna blue with goosenecks

    Looking to trade only for ecotech radion XR30W gen 4 or sell all 3 for 800$ If intrested in trade text me 6312458616 Location 11717
  16. Atlantic chain link moray eel & white spot coral catshark f/s

    Looking to sell both my eel & shark Eel is about 12 inches long 50$ Shark is a little over a foot long 100$ Both havent botherd anyone both in the tank with shrimps and small fish and they do just fine If intrested pm or text me 631-245-8616 pick up only 11717 if intrested i can send a...
  17. Magnificent fox face fs 80$

    About 6" 80$ firms Eats everything nori,pellets & frozen Beautiful color eats like a pig Pickup only long island brentwood If intrested and want to see pics text me 6312458616
  18. Free sea urchin

    Free sea urchin Pick up only brentwood long island Intrested text me 631-245-8616
  19. Orange spotted rabbit fish fs

    Looking to sell my orange spotted rabbitfish for 50$ firm 5-6 inches fat an healthy eats like a pig beautiful fish but my foxface doesnt leave him alone ! He is very peacefull & looks even more beautiful under the blue light 50$ firm pickup only in long island brentwood if intrested text me...
  20. 55 gallon tank only tank

    55 gallon tank only the tank nothing else 50$ decent condition for a good price Pick up only bentwood long island If intrested text me 6312458616