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  1. Fish FS/FT - Royal Gramma (1.5") - $20

    Hey all, looking to remove a Royal Gramma from my tank and rehome it elsewhere. Fish is in great health, eats it all, and has never shown any signs of diseases or parasites. Located in 11205 and can meet in the city. Willing to trade for corals, with cash on top of my end if needed
  2. Equipment Aqamai KPS (Like new) - $75

    Images below. Hey all, I have an Aqamai KPS powerhead purchased on October 17th up for sale. It is in immaculate condition, and in perfect working order, cleaned and ready to go. I live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and travel to 34th street station daily in the city.
  3. Equipment WTB - Rodi Unit

    Hey all, looking for a Rodi Unit similar to the 4 stage BRS unit. Ty in advance!
  4. For Sale RDE’s, Fire & ice, Purple torch, beginner corals

    Hey all hope you’re well: Radioactive dragon eyes - 20+ polyps - $10 Fire and ice - 20+ polyps - $10 Eagle eyes - 6/7 polyps - $10 Purple torch with lighter purple tips - 1 head - $35 Green & blue Duncan - 1 head - $5 Algae was diatoms fwiw All purchased from pop corals in BK
  5. Inverts Fire shrimp & nerites

    Hey all, looking to trade a larger fire shrimp, and you can have the two nerites free :) a bit to biggo for my tank. Seeking softies, Zoas, and lps and will put cash down on top of the shrimp if needed
  6. Coral WTB - Zoa Frags (1-2 Polyps)

    Hey all, hope you're doing well and thanks for checking this thread out! With a new tank comes a new canvas! I would like to start populating with a dozen or so zoa/paly frags. I'm interested in frags that are lower on the polyp count, but higher in quality and color please. Seeking out frags...
  7. Inverts LF Pods

    Hey all hope you’re well. Wanting to reach out and request if anyone is going to be selling or trading live pods. I’d like to seed my new tank when the time comes and would love to support local reefers. Thank you in advance!!!
  8. Coral WTB Weeping Willow Toadstool

    Hey all, hope you're well. I'm reaching out in sought of a Weeping Willow Toadstool. Pink with White polyps please and ideally something sizeable rather than less than an inch. Ty in advance for your time, all my best!
  9. Nano Breakdown. Nanobox/Mame/Smart/Intank

    Fluval Spec V + aqueon 600 pump, ViaAqua 50W Heater, & stock pump - $60 or $250 shipped with all of the above, the nanobox light, intank filter and lids (Does include the original light but it will not mount to the tank unless you come up with some sort of contraption to hold it) Custom Lids x...
  10. FS - Nano Package - Fluval Spec V, Nanobox, Mame Skimmer $500

    FS - Nano Package - Fluval Spec V, Nanobox, Mame Skimmer $400 FTS around 6/1/2016 Will update FTS this evening Will break up if I can have everything accounted for! Located in 11201 (Brooklyn, NY) Fully documented build thread...
  11. WTB: Frostbite Clown

    Just one please. Located in 11201 (Fort Greene/Downtown)
  12. WTB Nanobox Tide

    Looking for a deal on a nano box tide whether it's specials or coupons or used etc...
  13. TSouth's Spec V

    ~Min/Max~ Current FTS. 4.8.2016: See Thumbnails Hey MR, I hope all is well with you. First and foremost, I'd like to say that I appreciate any and all constructive insight and feedback towards this tank. I've done a fair share of reading and the community here seems top notch. I look...