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  1. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    I am planning on being there by 11. I will post some more Acros and other frags later this weekend. OG Unique corals Ironman (1 adult with 3 babies)$850 Sold acro frag pack $200 sold Pc rainbow Ora pearl berry Rr pink caddy Wwc yellow tip Oregon tort Fragfarmers red Robin
  2. Crosshatch trigger male $400

    Male crosshatch. His tail is a has been nipped in a couple spots by my purple tang. Should grow back with and look perfect. $400 picked up. I'm located 15 minutes north of the pallisades mall. I can also meet up at The Reef Shoppe. Bring a bucket. He is pretty big. Arounf 7".
  3. Aussie Harlequin Tusk

    I'm selling an Australian Harlequin Tusk. I'd like to find him a home in a bigger tank. Pickup 10927. I do also work in Manhattan and Port Jefferson but both are on call so it would need to a last minute thing. Also can meet at Max Reef. $125
  4. Usctom Frag swap Corals

    Paypal to hold coral. Trades welcome. Looking for Strats, Rainbow Acans, and other collector pieces. JF Brain Freeze Kwong1998 $200 Green Bounce mushroom $60 JF Antivenom Kwong1998 $75 CB 3g Mummy Eye $70 Sherbert Chalice (large piece) $25 Ktar Aphrodite favia Kwong1998 $50 JF...
  5. Ecotech Radion Gen 3 Pro

    Radion Gen 3 manufactured date March 20, 2014. It is still in use at the moment. Switching to t5s. I am just waiting for the bulbs to come in to take it down. $550 pickup or $560 shipped locally. I can meet at the Palisades mall or possible Max Reef.
  6. wtb 60 gallon frag tank

    Looking a deepblue 60 gallon frag tank.
  7. SPS frag pack

    I can meet up at the Palisades Mall or possible Central Aquariums. $150 for 15 frags. Can also ship locally for $15. 1. Ora german blue polyp digi 2. Orange digi 3. Bonsai Acro 4. Cali Tort 5. Tricolor valida 6. Aussie highlighter acro 7. Orange cap 8. Starburst cap 9. Pink Milli with blue...
  8. WTB Canon eos Lens

    Well my son some got his foot wrapped around the strap on my Canon XSI that was hanging on the door. Now the lens is not functioning properly. I'm looking for either a stock lens 18-50mm or Macro 100mm. I have lots of corals I can trade. Zoas, mushrooms, sps, lps. Thanks Tom
  9. Monti colonies

    I have 3 colonies I'm looking to get rid of. Located near the Pallisades Mall. Huge Orange digi with a couple pound pukani rock. $80 ORA German Blue Polyp with Orange bam bams. $80 Leng Sy Cap. 3 large pieces. $30 All 3 $160
  10. LPS Frags

    Everything was fragged over a month ago. I usually make a trip or 2 to Max Reef(central) for meet up. I can also ship for $15 locally. Top Row 1. WWC Jack-o-Killer Lepto $20 2. Volcano Chalice $20 3. Volcano Chalice $20 4. Sunburst Favia $40 5. JF DayGlo $250 Bottom Row 1. Rainbow...
  11. Monti colonies

    I have 2 colonies for sale. 1 for $50 or both for $75. I can meet up at Max Reef. I also work near 14th st and Ave C on Tuesdays. Leng Sy Cap. (10" to 12" wide) Tyree Undata. (6" to 8" wide) I am going to keep a small piece that I haven't fragged yet.
  12. wtb orangespotted filefish

    I'm looking for a pair or trio. I have plenty of montis and acros for them to eat. Even better if it is already trained to eat frozen/pellets. Thanks Tom
  13. Northshore lfs

    I'll be working in Northport this week. I'm looking for some good stores that are on the way home. I'll probably stop by pets warehouse in Carl's place. Any other good places.
  14. wtb Jebao wp25 impeller

    Looking for an Impeller for a jebao wp25. Thanks Tom
  15. usctom swap frags and Rapid Led kit

    $125-36 led kit from Rapidled with typhoon controller. 12rb, 12 w, 3 green, 4 Blue, 2 violet, and 3 red. 2 of the channels are not working on the controller. I had the royal blues on one channel and whites/colors on the same channel. LPS $30-Bright Red chalices(2 available) $30- Green with...
  16. Z&P Pack

    All polyps were cut over over a month. I had to use my cellphone to take pics because I couldn't find the charger for my camera. Ill update those later if needed. Can meet up at Max Reef. I also work in SI and Manhattan (14th & Ave C) PM with any Questions. $200 3p Utter Chaos 1p Blue...
  17. 24"X18"X8" AIO frag tank

    All in One frag tank. It has 3 chambers in the back. Included MJ900 return pump Nova extreme 2 bulb light Bakers shelf ( a little rusted) Hydor Nano 240 $150 Trades welcome. High end Z&P's, Rainbow acans, Acros etcs. Located near Palisades mall. I work in Staten Island every other Tuesday. I...
  18. FS/FT Zoas, SPS, and LPS

    Zoa Packs $40 First Column: Eagle eye, Captain America, Joker, Orange Bam Bam, Purple Death, Armageddon II, 24k Second Column: Eagle eye, Captain America, Joker, WWC Kiwi Sunburst, Purple Death, Armageddon II, Gorilla NipplesSold Third Column: Eagle eye, Captain America, Lunar Eclipse...
  19. Z&P Pack

    All frags have been healed for at least two weeks. Can meet up at Palisades mall or possible Max Reef. Can also ship locally for $15. $160$130 1p Blue Lagoon 2p gremlins fire 5p Red unnamed 1p Utter Chaos 2p Rastas (closed in the pic) I will take a better pic later. 2p WWC Kiwi Sunburst 4p...
  20. Z&P Pack

    All frags have been healed for at least two weeks. Can ship locally for $15. I can meet up at the Palisades mall most days. I will also be in SI next Monday night. $170 2p Rasta 2p Ultimate Chaos 2p WWC Kiwi sunburst 1p Captain America 9p Raptors rainbow/3p of pink galaxy 1p Blue Lagoon 1p WOW...