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  1. Coral Blue acro for sale

    I have this blue acro yellow tops for sale. Looking to make room in my tank. Piece is about 4-5 inches tall if not more. Pickup in forest hills. $ 25
  2. Coral Zoas for sale

    I have a few Zoas for sale. Pickup in forest hills queens. Plugs are full. Each is $25 Rastas Gobstoppers Watermellons Orange bam bam
  3. Coral ASD Rainbow Milli

    I have a frag of ASD Rainbow milli for sale. This is from my mother colony has nice color all around. Pickup is forest hills, Queens. First come. No PayPal holding $60
  4. ASD Rainbow Milli

    Hi all I have a ASD Rainbow Milli up for sale. Pickup is forest hills, queens. full of pinks and gold color. Full polyp extensions $65 cash only please
  5. Coral WWC Kung Pao Monti

    Hello I have a WWC Kung Pao for sale. It is sitting on a 3" disk. Pick up is in forest hills, queens. $ 100
  6. Coral BubbleGum Digi

    Hello I have a frag of BubbleGum Digi for sale. It is about 1 inch or little over. Pickup is in Forest Hills queens. $ 25
  7. Grafted strawberry shortcake

    Hi all I have a piece of my grafted strawberry shortcake I cut off. Pickup is in forest hills queens. $ 85
  8. Coral tyree pinky the bear acro

    Hey I have 1 frag of my tyree pinky the bear. Pickup forest hills queens. $ 65 Frag and mother colony
  9. Coral ASD peaches and cream

    I have ASD peaches And cream Acro for sale. I need to make room and don’t have space. Frag has new branches coming out and is about 2.5-3 inches tall. First come Pick up in forest hills queens. Frag is fully encrusted.. yellowish base with reddish polyps. $ 80
  10. Coral ASD Rainbow milli frag for sale

    Hey all I have a frag of ASD Rainbow Millie I just fragged last week from my mother colony. Frag is about 1 inch. Pick up is in forest hills, queens. Price is $45
  11. Looking to buy JF Jolt

    Looking to get JF Jolt. message me if you have jolt frags.
  12. Coral Hammer Colony for sale

    I have a 12-14 head hammer colony for sale. Pickup is in Forest Hills Queens. SALE PRICE is $120 this is large colony..
  13. Coral Sps colony for sale

    Hey I have this sps colony for sale as I man running out space. It was sold to be as a asd Jesus acro. I am getting purple with light yellow tips. Pickup in forest hills Queens. This is about 4-5 inches tall if not bigger. $25
  14. Coral White zombie, pink kraks, WWC AOi zoas

    For sale I have a few frags of white zombies, wwc aoi, pink kraks for sale. Pick up is in forest hills. WWC Aoi - 4 polyp $50 SOLD Pink kraks - 3 polyp $ 50 SOLD Pink kraks- 5 polyp $ 60 Pink krak plus baby $ 20 SOLD White zombie - 3 polyp $ 60 White zombie - 2 polyp $ 30 SOLD...
  15. Frag Swap Looking to buy at the swap

    If anyone will be selling anyone of these let me know prices. RR Lady in Pink RRC Rip wwc heart breaker tsa fruity pebbles TSA Day dream WWC Pink Panther
  16. For Sale Few Zoas for sale

    I have a few Zoa frags for sale. Pickup in forest hills, queens. smurfette $20 Orange bam bam $ 20 Gobstoppers $ 15 Rasta $ 20 Watermelon $ 20
  17. Coral WWC AOI ZOAS

    I have wwc aoi Zoa frags for sale in forest hills queens. All frags were cut 2 weeks ago and healthy. 3 polyp $30 4 polyp $50 5 polyp $60
  18. For Sale Hanna ALK Tester

    Hi I have a Hanna Checker ( ALK) for sale. Nothing wrong, just using Aquaforest test kits now. Pickup in Forest hills, queens. $30
  19. Looking to buy Tonga branch or small pieces

    Hi I am looking to buy Tonga branch and some some small rocks like 5-8 inches softball size rock (dry).
  20. orange bam bam zoas and more

    I have a few frags of orange bam bam, pink Krakatoa, Smurfette, Nirvana for sale. Pickup in Forest Hills, Queens. Orange Bam Bam - 3 polyp - $15 sold Orange Bam Bam - 5 Polyp - $25 Pink Krakatoa - 6 Polyp - $65 Rasta - 3 polyp - $20 Rasta - 12 Polyp - $40 Smurfettes - 3-5 polyp - $20 Nirvana...