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  1. Set up 3 tanks a few months ago

    Yup. I set up 2 20 longs and a 10 gallon. Here is a shot of one of the 20's. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. WTB Baby Table Light Monsters Inc

    Looking for this. If you have one please let me know. Looking to put this in the new additions room and no Toys R Us means no lamp on the market.
  3. RC Cars anyone??

    I have been building them since I was a kid. Now that my son is older he is into them. Post some pictures of yours!!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting!!
  4. Among my other hobbies............ POGO!!!!!!!

    I am not a video game person per say. However I do have my favorites. Most of them revolve from card games I played as a kid and from hanging out at my buddies comic shop helping him out on the weekends to keep the kids from killing each other over card discrepancies. So now in between trips...
  5. Train layout thread

    Anyone have a train layout? Please post pictures if you do. I am in the process of planning an O gauge permanent layout. Up until now I have been just setting up temporary floor layouts. Here is my last one. Some power issues but I hope to fix it with a better transformer.
  6. Almost never run Axial Yeti XL RC 1/8 buggy

    Only run once last year. Axial yeti xl RC 1/8 scale ready to run RC buggy. This thing flies. Also comes with 2 Lipo batteries. Pick up in North Westchester. $575. Pictures to follow in a few minutes.
  7. Wtb MTH Z4000

    Want to buy MTH Z4000 used please let me know if you have one.
  8. Traxxas slash 4x4 fs R/C Truck

    For Christmas I bought me and my son Slashes. Recently I picked up a used one and it is awesome. So I am looking to sell one of the 2 that I bought for Christmas. It's a 4x4 VXL. Is anyone interested in it for 400 plus shipping? The box is sealed and never opened.
  9. Does anyone do solar??

    Looking into solar for the house. I have checked out a few companies. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice for me?
  10. Do you like trains?

    I love model train on. I model O and HO gauge. Anyone else?
  11. The real meaning of Memorial Day.

    This weekend before you barbecue take the time to remember the people who gave their lives in service to this country to make sure the freedom we all too often take for granted is protected. Thanks to all who have died protecting us and thank you for those who are serving today, may god bless...
  12. May the 4th be with you!

    Today is International Star Wars day. I would like to say to everyone, May the 4th be with you. Just got done with episode 4 working on 5 and 6. Today is an important day.
  13. The Hug Thread

    Ladies and gentlemen this is the thread to give someone a hug. Just a simple hug. Just post their screen name and give them a :hug: All non hugs will be edited to read " I love to hug everyone but my favorite person to hug is my purple panda bear Patches who is my best friend :hug: for life"
  14. How hard is it to make an app?

    How hard is it to make an app and where do you start? Which is easier Android or ios?
  15. For sale part 2 Solana setup.

    Live rock with some mushrooms and a mini carpet anemone 100 for all of it. Solana tank, stand, heater and Stevie T media rack. 350 Bubble Magus NAC QQ skimmer 50 Apex lite 200. (reserved jcs) AI sol blue and controller 250 Box of supplies and other equipment including pumps, specimen...
  16. Old Tamiya RC cars

    Does anyone know of any kind of sites that are centered around old RC cars? I have a bunch of classic Tamiya cars to sell and I am looking for a good site to list them on.
  17. Model Train stuff for sale HO and O.

    Selling some of my train collection to make room. Pictured below. There are lots of tracks. Stopped counting on the tracks there are a ton of them. Want to sell all of the HO scale as a package $375 Plus Shipping and insurance Please ask any questions. Loco has never...
  18. THIS JUST IN...Plane landing now on the MJD 233 st! Maybe there is a new airport in mind by the new mayor?
  19. For sale. Entire setup. 34 g Solana, stand 2 skimmers, ai sol blue, controller.

    I am selling my entire setup. 34 g Solana, stand, AC jr, AI sol blue, tunze 9002 skimmer, BM NAC QQ skimmer, 4 boxes of petco water, all livestock and everything else that goes with the tank. PM is key. Not going to part out so don't ask. Pics are in my tank thread. $850. Pickup in North...
  20. Magic the Gathering

    My son now is interested in picking up the game. I am happy because I used to play a long time ago. Anyone still play? There are a whole lot of new mechanics since I played a number of years ago. Any advice?