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  1. Fish Tiger Jawfish in NJ

    I have a large 4-5 inch tiger jawfish for sale in 07081. Eating Flake and mysis, 30 bucks
  2. Deep Blue 45 RR Rimless and Newport Stand (NJ)

    I am going to be taking down my system and keeping the sump and light. Its a 1.5 Year old Deep blue rimless 45 rr frag tank and a 48x18 marineland Newport stand. 250.00 for both I also have a Eshopps S-120 4th Gen Protein Skimmer - Rated 40-120 Gallon - 2 years old - 100 I also have a...
  3. Orange/Red Bubbletip for Sale in NJ

    I got two of these and the clown has chosen its main one, i need to pull the other. 100 bucks 4.5 -5 inches under AI PRIME
  4. Big ugly anemones

    Anyone have any large rock dwelling hosting anemones? No crazy colors or variants ugly and healthy and cheap. Have a large breeding pair that needs something
  5. Magnifica anemone

    I have a reddish orange base magnifica for sale in nj. It?s about 7-8 inches It went through qt with antibiotics and has been in the display for three weeks. It eats everything . My clowns will not go anywhere near it, they swim by it. 80 bucks
  6. Powder blue tang

    I have a 4 inch heathy powder blue tang in jersey 55 bucks Can meet in jersey.
  7. Shelf rock piece

    Anyone know if anyone who has shelf rock piece about 10x 10 Let me Know
  8. Ice Cap 1k Gyre Pump Brand New - NJ

    I ordered this pump from Marine depot two weeks ago because i thought the return wasn't enough, i was wrong. Will trade for cash and tubbs blue zoas or blue hornets 115 - brand new new never touched water.
  9. Cube Tank - Stand - Sump - Return Pump NJ

    I have a 24 x 24 x 16 Cube tank for sale with a Marineland Monteray Stand and a E shops nano cube sump with sicce 3 pump for sale 150 for the tank 200 for the stand 150 for the sump 40 for the pump All together 450 I am hoping to empty the system and have it ready sunday, no delivery...
  10. Cube tank Stand 24x24x12

    I have a 24x24x12 tank reef ready for sale with optional marineland Ventura stand in black. Also have a nano refugium sump made my eshops. All less than a year old in nj 425 for The whole set up or 150 for the tank 150 for the stand 150 for sump
  11. Large Bubbletips

    Anyone got any large bubbletips Green or Red doesnt matter.
  12. Yuge bta

    Doesnt matter color just need a yuge BTA and dont want to pay an arm and a leg. LMK
  13. Juvenile Yellow Belly Tang 2 inches

    I have had this guy for thwo months and he needs to move on to a larger home, Hes been eating LRS, Brine Sprilina Flake and Frozen and cyclops. I got him when he fit into a peice of 1/2 inch PVC. 50 bucks
  14. Mertens carpet anemone in jersey

    I have a 5-6 inch mertens carpet anemone for sale. I bought two put them through qt and both made it. They take up to much space so I can only keep one. 80 bucks
  15. Blue sponge

    Anyone have small pieces of Blue sponge?
  16. Red honrets in nj

    Frag with 6 polyps 32 bucks in nj 07081 0r 07207
  17. Green bubbletip and zoas NJ

    Green bubbletip for sale 20 Scrambled egg zoas 20 bucks around 25 polyps Utter chaos 3 - 15 bucks 50 of u take it all
  18. Brand New Innovative Marine Penninsula Drop Off Tank for sale

    Brand new tank with update features! It now has bracing, still sealed in the container. 300 bucks in NJ. It has a white base Comes with pump and filter sock.
  19. Wtb 24 x 24 marineland solid top stand

    Let me know
  20. JBJ 12 Gallon and Water General RODI

    I have a 12 Gallon JBJ cube for Sale with stand, overflow cover, no hood. also have extra carbon bags. 50 bucks Water General 150 GPD RODI - have extra filters 6 Stages - less them a year old - 70