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  1. Frag Swap Video

    awesome video hey theres me at :28 with the mets bag:cool:
  2. ACC Teaser Thread - Taking Requests!

    ricordea floridas and yumas!
  3. Coral Zoa Frags for the swap

    hey guys ive got a few well priced zoas for sale or trade. looking for torches or ricordea mushrooms. thanks for looking nyra armor of devil (have 2 frags of this)- $20 NYRA alien anti venom- $20 malibu sunrise- $30 unsure of name of this one, got it at reef a palooza- $35 Everlasting...
  4. Coral Zoa frags

  5. MR Help Improve MR!

    Hi Josh i sent you a message check your PM
  6. Coral Zoa frags

    also looking to trade for ricordea mushrooms
  7. Coral Zoa Frag Pack and Single Frags

    are you going to the frag swap on the 17th? would be interested in picking up a few frags
  8. Coral Zoa frags

    weekend bump
  9. Train layout thread

    that's great to know thanks. are there any local train shows here in the city?
  10. Coral Zoa frags

  11. Coral purple torch

    awesome torch, want to trade? i have all of these available currently
  12. Crazy Sales!!

    45-62 162nd St. Flushing NY 11358
  13. Train layout thread

    model railroading has always interested me, i went to trainland in brooklyn a few months ago to check out some prices and after seeing how much it would cost to get into this hobby, i think its not for me
  14. Coral Zoa frags

  15. Coral Zoa frags

  16. Coral Zoa frags

    Sure I’ll send you a pm
  17. Coral Zoa frags

    Hey guys I have some nice looking zoanthids for sale. Pickup in Chinatown. malibu sunrise- $30 nyra armor of devil (have 2 frags of this)- $20 Everlasting gobstopper- $15 Scrambled eggs- $15 unsure of name of this one, got it at reef a palooza- $35 NYRA alien anti venom- $20
  18. Frag Swap RSVP NOW: Manhattan Reefs Frag Swap - Sunday November 17th

    very awesome. looking forward to the event. looking to pick up a nice torch and some zoanthids! see everyone then