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  1. 10+ years on MR and still have a tank roll call

    I joined 2006 and had my first tank when I was 15yrs olds. Now I’m 56 I don’t want to know how long I been abscess with this hobby. I still feel like I’m 19.
  2. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    That's good at least he's eating. I had a blue line only would eat live black worms. Eventually he'll come around
  3. Question Hanna vs Salifert Alkalinity

    When you use saliert everybody might see the color different and read it a different way. I like the egg at least you can keep it at a number you want. Stability
  4. Whatever its worth.... Petco

    They have no choice petco owns them.
  5. Whatever its worth.... Petco

    Stop by a Petco today. It' a real shame that they have a right to sell fish. Had a few yellow tangs with full blow ick. Since they system is all tie into one saw other fish infected. This is what ruins this hobby. A person's that has no knowledge is set up for sure failure. What a disgrace for...
  6. Whatever its worth.... Petco

    Just a heads up. Petco having 30% off they marine fish starting tomorrow 10/25-27. If your lucky and got a good Petco you might find something. $1 gal still on t'I'll Nov 16. Good luck
  7. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    Never find fluke on swallow tails. If you read some articles some say they don’t need treatment unless you see a parasite. The one I just got was very clean but still did a little prevention. Medication does them more harm in long run. Dips are best along with continue changing water.
  8. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    Warren, I like the fresh water dip. Only when they in Qt a few days and are strong and eating. I had all success from reef shoppe Mask. Only lost a pair three years ago due to black out. When I get new mask fish. I Qt them in 5 gallon containers & change water everyday with 1 drop Formaldehyde...
  9. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    Sorry got off the topic. But definitely want to go to this place and check them out. I need fat head which are hard to get these days. If they get them in can someone give me a shout. Thanks.
  10. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    I find that very interesting. My mask is over 1 yr old and she was about 1 1/2 " now She 2 1/2 with a 2" bellus. Only a little chasing now. I was told not to medicate unless they have something. Best to Qt and feed them frozen food. Mask are hardy once adapted to tank. Also cooler water...
  11. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    Mike, I can meet you there on a Friday. Just let me know what time you go. I always wanted to stop by there.
  12. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    Warren, do you still have female Mask. I remember you pick one up a year ago. If so how are they doing. My female mask is dominated over female bellus. I got another Female mask in Qt which is bigger. Can’t wait till introduce her.
  13. Shoutout! Advanced Marine has a ton of nice fish/ coral

    Make sure you fill out DIR or your getting a CD. Do you still have Mask? If so how is Mask behavior towards bellus. My female mask chases my female bellus, next month be adding another female mask. My gold is to get one to transitions. Mike, do you have a pair of each angelfish?
  14. Fish ORA clownfish experiences

    ORA are good fish breeders. Are you buying direct from them? Qt depends on you. If your just adding them by themselves you don't have to worry about affecting other fish. I know The Reef Shoppe just got in Sea and Fire clown fishes. Basic rule today is QT everything. Like I said if its just...
  15. Beautiful Clownfish

    Stop by the Reef Shoppe and pick up 2 pairs of beautiful clownfish. Nothing like going to LFS and buying something you see in person. Just got some high end clownfish in today. Great job Anthony.
  16. Is MR living in the past?

    See what you caused. How many like this new site.
  17. MR Site Issues - Report here

    Look i’m New member since 2006 that’s 13 years
  18. MR Site Issues - Report here

    When it’s not broke don’t try to fix it
  19. Fish or Coral Books

    Anybody coming out with any new books to be published on coral or fish. It's been sometime
  20. Disappointed .....

    Just so disappointed in hobby right now. I used to go to few LFS see what's new and add something to my tanks. Now there no LFS near me. Seems the only places are in LI. I don't mind if a store has a nice variety but it stinks when you go and nothing there. Not worth the drive and tolls. I guess...