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  1. Coral Rainbow Red Bubble Tip Anemone

    I have 7 Rainbow Red Bubble Tip Anemone for sale. $40
  2. Coral Rainbow Red Bubble Anemone

    I have 7 Rainbow Red Bubble Tip Anemone for sale. $30 to $40 depending on size....
  3. Jebao RW8

    Any body have any Jabao RW8 laying around not using. Mine broke and need replacing. It stop spinning after much cleaning.
  4. Premium Clownfish

    Bought this clownfish to replace my recently clownfish that past away after 5 years. Its in quarantine for 3 weeks but i'm not liking it because it doesn't really match the other one, i'm **** yes. Looking to sell (paid $50 give me best offer) or trade if someone could match my original...
  5. WTB LPS Corals

    Anyone have any Elegance Coral, Red Goniopora flowerpot coral
  6. WTB Toxic Green Hammer & Torch

    I'm Looking For Toxic Green Hammer and any torch with brown and yellow or green tips. Preferably 2 or 3 heads depending on prices
  7. Flame Angel

    I got a Flame Angel recently but my Kole Tang don't like him and keep chasing him. I remove him and have him in my 20gal office tank. Healthy eating pallets and frozen food. Picks on seaweed every no and again. I'm looking to sell $40 or trade for LPS corals. Text me if interested 9713069156
  8. Jebao SW8

    Any Jebao SW8 Powerhead
  9. Reef Octopus 1000/2000 HOB

    Does anyone have the reef octopus classic 1000/2000 HOB skimmer for sale.
  10. Fairly New 75 or 90

    Im looking for a New or Used 75 or 90 gallon not reef ready or drilled aquarium ASAP. Thanks
  11. Sea Hare Anyone

    Anyone have sea hare for green hair algea. Located in brooklyn
  12. 90 Gallon

    55 Gallon Looking for 55 Gallon not reef ready tank. Good condition
  13. WTB Hang-On Skimmer for 40gal Tank

    Looking for a HOB Skimmer for my 40gal tank. Located in Brooklyn but will travel to other boroughs if convenient
  14. Long Tentacle Plate Coral

    Selling my one of my favorite corals. Out grew my 55gal killy everything it touches. When fully open its about 6-7 inches. The glass is stopping it from opening even more. Price: $120
  15. HOB Skimmer

    I'm looking for a HOB Skimmer rated for 40 Gal. If anyone has any please pm me