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  1. Coral few sps frags for sale or trade

    trying to clear some space for the swap pick up 11507 or near advanced marine aquatics PM Is KEY frags are $30 each , if you get more than 1 $25 each bubblegum digi (4) hawkins echinata (2) pc rainbow, (2) palleta pink (2) wwc yellow tips (2) jf slow burn (1) i can also cut tubs stellata...
  2. beginner frag pack sps quick sale

    I packed these frags for someone but they cant take them today before if put them all back in my tank looking to sell them $75 for 14 frags (OBO) pick up 11507 pm me if interested first come first serve
  3. hippo and regal angel

    regal angel 4 inches been established and eating for years eats everything frozen,pellets, flakes $175 hippo 5 inches 5 years old $45 both were treated, qt and prazipro when i got them pick up 11507 pm me if interested
  4. 5 inch hippo tang

    looking to lighten my bio load selling my 5 inch 5 year old hippo tang fat and eats everything pick up 11507 or near advance marine aquatics SOLD pm me in interested
  5. frags for sale

    trying to clear my rack will also trade for torches or hammers or any sps i dont have pickup 11507 pm is key pics of frags and mother colonies unknown acro sps $15 frags tricolor granulosa $20 frags bali green slimer $20 wwc yellow tips $20-$25 green caps and red cap $10 hollywood...
  6. baby black ice clownfish

    selling my black ice babies will also trade for nice sps i dont have I have 21 left some have some amazing patterns $25 for each $45 for a pair $20 each for 3 or more pm is key pick up 11507 they even host my fake anemones
  7. yellow belly regal angel

    looking to sell one of my regal angels eats everything pellets, frozen, flakes (including zoas and montis ) however doesnt eat cheap softies right now in a tank with mushrooms gsp, frogspawns $200 obo must go to established tank pick up 11379 or 11507
  8. mochavinchi clownfish pair

    pair back up for sale $60 pick up 11379 pm is key
  9. mocha vinchi clown pair $90 obo

    mocha vinchi clown pair looking to sell my mocho vinchi pair $60 OBO will also trade for eb8 they are healthy they eat everything pickup in middle village 11379 i couldnt upload pic for some reason posted a youtube slideshow pm is key
  10. Free pocillopora 11507

    anyone want free green pocillopora unmounted i need to cut it off my overflows pick up 11507 or at AMA I will not deliver pm is key
  11. large pocillopora colony $60

    looking to clear space green colony 10" $50 OBO also willing to trade for some birdsnest frags or other sps i dont have pick up 11507 pm is best thanks
  12. yellow belly regal angel for sale $200
  13. need help id

    anyone know what type of sps this is?
  14. Free pocillopora

    cleaning up my tank free green pocillopora for anyone i got a bunch of small frags not mounted super easy sps pick up 11507 or could meet at advanced marine aquatics pm me I WILL NOT DELIVER A FREE FRAG !!! coral looks like pic but smaller frags
  15. mochavinchi clownfish

    i bought these guys as a trio but after moving to my tank they are not getting along I need to sell one of the bigger ones about 2 1/2 inches pick up 11379 middle village or can meet in 11507 albertson $30 or trade for RBTA pm me is key
  16. finally raised some babies

    just wanted to share my video of my clowns in different stages of breeding Im getting betting with survival rates my newest batch is 3 weeks old and i have about >100 so far
  17. pocillipora for trade or sale

    looking to trade for softies for my other tank looking for mushrooms, yumas xenia, cloves, hamers, frogspawns, or cash sold pickup 11507 or can meet a advanced marine aquatics
  18. looking to trade sonic flare zoas

    i have sonic flare, looking to trade for other high end zoas i also have rastas, chaos, jokers, a few others would take hallucinations, bowsers or spekled krak or similar stuff pm me
  19. thanks

    Today i went to homedepot to redo some plumbing on my tank. I wanted to change the tubing on my drains. As soon as I was done I noticed one of my bulk heads were leaking. I totally feaked out and pretty much crapped my pants. Happened around 5 pm I ran to ama to see if they had bulk heads...
  20. looking to trade iphone6 for biocube 29 or similar aio

    I got a friend who wants to trade iphone 6 att for a biocube 29 or similar pm me if anyone interested