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  1. Free sand today and cheap frags

    If anyone wants some established sand to seed a tank, lmk. I just pulled a bunch out of my tank. It'll be going in the trash otherwise. Also, I have blue ridge coral frags, two small ones, well encrusted $5 each. I also have a few big ones for $20 each. One is on a magnetic frag disc to put on...
  2. Blue Ridge Coral and Blue Mushrooms

    Blue Mushrooms - $5 each Blue Ridge Coral - $10-$25 a piece I'll add some pictures later. Pickup in North Bellmore, Long Island only (11566). PM me for details. I'll add some photos later.
  3. RBTAs For Sale

    Hi all, I have 6 anemones for sale. $30 each. Size range from small to large. Pickup in Bellmore, NY (Long Island) Thanks for looking.
  4. Mixing Stations F/S

    Hi all, I have decommissioned my mixing station, after upgrading of course :) and am looking to unload the old one. It comes with the following. 1 - 32 gallon w/lid + level gauge 1 - 20 gallon w/lid + level gauge 1 - Input manifold 1 - Output manifold Each has a float valve for RO and a...
  5. Various coral f/s

    Hi MR, Need to make some room for incoming frags. I have the following ready to go. 1 Neon Green Nepthea (mounted to rock and healed) - $15 ea 1 Sunset Millepora (3 branches) - $30 (pending) Pictures available on request. Pickup in Bellmore, NY Thanks for looking.
  6. WTB - A few good montis

    Hello MR I'd like to add some encrusting montis or cyphastra to the back glass on my tank. I'd like to get 2-3 more pieces. I just put a Reverse Superman on there and it looks all lonely :) Also need some contrast. I'm hoping to buy or trade for an affordable pack. Lmk what you have, fresh...
  7. Some frags available for sale

    I have the following frags for sale or trade open brain $70 - sold 5p utter chaos $35 - pending ponape birdsnest $20 - sold orange setosa $20 - sold 6p Pink&Golds $10 Looking for some or all of the following: Strawberry Shortcake Red Planet Hawkins Echinata Purple bonsai Pink Lemonade...
  8. Looking to buy/trade some basic SPS frags

    Hello all, Looking for a few more SPS to add to the tank. Looking for a small frag pack of the following or similar Strawberry Shortcake Red Planet Hawkins Echinata Purple bonsai Pink Lemonade Cali/Oregon Tort I am trying to get to RAP but it would be on Sunday. I'm available to meet...
  9. Zoas F/s - look like BBB

    I have a 5p and a 3p - $25 / $15 respectively They look like Blue Eyed Blondies Pick up in Bellmore, near Grand Central or near Newport PATH station.
  10. Goldfish Street

    So I had a chance to visit this area of Hong Kong today. This area is located on Tong Choi St in the Mongkok area of Hong Kong. The whole street is lined with pet shops and mostly aquarium stores. It was pretty incredible to see. Enjoy
  11. Acrylic hex 45-50g

    Posting for a friend. Not reef ready. Never had copper. $100 pickup in Centereach
  12. Exact iDip Test kit

    I saw this at MACNA but didn't pay it much mind until after I got back and started digging deeper. Anyway I saw a post they were honoring their MACNA discount till the end of the week. I just received the aquarium bundle. It came with ammonia, ph, nitrate, phosphate alk and total hardness (high...
  13. Stuff for sale

    Hey guys, I had an accidental frag of my large frogspawn last night. Looking for $40 for the 6-8 heads. I have a frag of blue ridge coral. $5 I have a nice 10+ polyps of a blue zoa with green skirt. $10 (price drop now $5) I also have lots of pink and gold palys $10 each. Price drop...
  14. RBTAs and Pink&Golds

    Hi all, I have 2 anemones that just split recently. One is larger than the other and may split again. The smaller one started to take a walk elsewhere so it was time to get them out. I would say the larger is about 2-3" and the smaller is 1-2". They are in an acclimation box in my tank...
  15. looking for a nano stand

    hey all, I have a 12 3/4 x 12 3/4 x 9" nano that's been sitting around doing nothing. I'd like to find a stand I can use for it. Looking for recommendations or something you might have used sitting doing nothing. Let me know what you think. Availability on Long Island (Nassau preferred) is...
  16. Custom Sock Holder

    So, I always wanted a sock overflow that you see in the nicer sumps where the water flows up and over through the sock and out the bottom. After some conversations with Jeff, he came up with this sock holder overflow box. Moved everything around tonight. Moved all my rock into "pod condos" so...
  17. Solar wrasse plus more

    First up is this solar wrasse I bought 3 weeks ago from AV for $50. It got chased a few times by my chromis and has been living in my sump. Its been eating great but I'm redoing my sump and don't think its fair to let it get beat up again. My loss is your gain $40 Pink and Gold Palys Rock...
  18. Do you have MTS?

    On the eve before I pick up a 32 Solana I found on CL...anyone else with this problem?
  19. What's this algae?

    What kind of algae is this and what eats it? My foxface,hippo, and blenny don't touch it. I only have a couple of patches of it, but it's growing...want to get it before it's out of hand. Thanks in advance.
  20. Dead Ecotech Backup Battery FS

    Hi all, My Ecotech battery is no longer working. I have replaced it by getting a bigger UPS as I did not feel up to having a DIY solution, and I can program my controller to drop the speed and keep the Vortech's on during a power outage. As it is, I just looked up and you can replace the...