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  1. Whatever its worth.... Petco

    Just a heads up. Petco having 30% off they marine fish starting tomorrow 10/25-27. If your lucky and got a good Petco you might find something. $1 gal still on t'I'll Nov 16. Good luck
  2. Beautiful Clownfish

    Stop by the Reef Shoppe and pick up 2 pairs of beautiful clownfish. Nothing like going to LFS and buying something you see in person. Just got some high end clownfish in today. Great job Anthony.
  3. Fish or Coral Books

    Anybody coming out with any new books to be published on coral or fish. It's been sometime
  4. Disappointed .....

    Just so disappointed in hobby right now. I used to go to few LFS see what's new and add something to my tanks. Now there no LFS near me. Seems the only places are in LI. I don't mind if a store has a nice variety but it stinks when you go and nothing there. Not worth the drive and tolls. I guess...
  5. Turks

    Just got back here a little VIDEO. The mermaid is my daughter... [
  6. What do you miss most in this hobby.

    The most thing I miss is going around and visiting different LFS. Remember there where plenty of freshwater shops. A few had saltwater but not a big selection .Saltwater Fish was expensive and very little coral. I remember back then. If you had a 55 gallon tank it was considered a big tank. I...
  7. What do you think about our hobby?

    Is it just me or the hobby just not the same community . I been in the hobby for over 40 yrs. I never saw no LFS back then. Now it's pretty much a ghost town. Today we have online is probably part of reason. Second high rents. Where is everybody ? I know the summer is here and it's the slowest...
  8. $1 gallon sale petco

    Last month someone wanted to know when next $1 gal sale. Just started today 10-20-29 $1 gallon. 40b -55-75 are 50% off sale ti?ll August 24
  9. Reef A Palooza 2019 N.Y.

    So my first time I miss the RAP. Anybody get some good stuff. Was it as crowded as last year. I heard if you didn?t pay online it was $25 at door. Usually a good show. But my tank not ready for coral. Maca coming up and I will be down there. Are these events getting better or same.
  10. The Old Days Are Gone Is The Future Online?

    I remember 40 years ago when I was into freshwater. There was more pet stores around. When saltwater was getting poplar in 90's I was excited to go to LFS and see what was knew. Stores back than carried a good variety of fish and dry goods. I know LI still got a good amount of LFS. But here in...
  11. $1 Gal Petco Sale

    Petco having 10-20 -20l -29 $1 gallon expires 10-29 Also having 50% off 55-75 gal sale expires 11-17
  12. Aquatic Experience OCt 19-21

    I see that Aquatic Experience will be at same place where Reef A Palooza in NJ. Here is a link Nice to see more shows like this in NJ-NY area. Does anybody know that the sponsors at the show going to be like RAP. Meaning are they just showing the products and not...
  13. How is our Community and LFS doing?

    Is it just me or is this hobby just stop growing or less freindly. How's our LFS doing with Indonesia and Hawaii issues. Not seeing vendors posting stock lately like they used too. Discussion board are dead. Usually this time a year the hobby gets going. I think Manca was a disappointment...
  14. Petco $1 sale on 7/15

    Petco having 10,20, 29 gallon for $1 gal 40B -$49.99 50% off Reg $99.99 55 - 64.99. 50%off Reg 129.99 Sales over Aug 18
  15. What was your experience at The Reef A Palooza

    Each year always has something special at RAP. I can not believe the first RAP was back in 2015. Share your experience tells what you got. I have to say I got plenty of free stuff this year. Very excited to hear RAP will be back next year on June 22-23 2019. So tells if you got any nice candy or...
  16. $1 Gallon sale

    Just a reminder Petco having $1 gal for 10, 20, 20L, 29 gal. Also 40 breeder, 55 gal are 50% off. Sale ends 4/28/18. No mention of 75 Gal. At least not near my petco.
  17. Fiji back in trade.

    After 70 day ban Walt Smith told his case and got Prime Minister to believe what he was doing. Plus laying off 75% of workers also impacted Fiji. Good news....
  18. Stubborn, Pickiest, Selfish fish I ever owned..

    My Blue line angel fish is so picky and very stubborn. He only will eat live black worms. When I got him I saw him eat Mysis at LFS. When I got him he refused to eat anything. Finally after 59 days he ate live black worms. So I continue to feed him live black worms To build him up. But in...
  19. Fiji bans Coral and live Rock

    Does not look good....: tomorrow a zero quota export threshold will spell trouble for Walt Smith international.
  20. Blizzard 2018 .....How are you doing?

    Hope nobody loses power. If so are you prepared.? The forecast changed from storm going out to sea. To be a bomb of a storm hitting New York with stronge winds.