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  1. 4' halide+t5 fixture

    Looking to buy a 4' cebu sun or geissman halide+t5 fixture,not interested in pendants.
  2. Equipment Kessil a360x,controller x,aquatic life hybrid fixture.

    I have for sale 2x a360x kessil tuna blue for sale + kessil spectral controller x, also aquaquaticlife 48" hybrid fixture, the non dimmable version. Everything was bought in July ,so 3 months old a360x $375 each, Spectral controller x $70, Aquatic life hybrid fixture $125.
  3. Aio tank,stand

    Looking to buy AIO tank and stand minimum 30 g,preferably cube,in good condition.
  4. Aquamaxx coneS co-1

    Aquamaxx coneS co-1,1 year old perfect condition .,vinegar squeaky clean ready to go $150.
  5. Brand new aquaticlife 48" t5 hybrid plus extras

    Brand new never used aquatic life 48" t5 hybrid, comes with original 18" end plates, hanging kit etc ,I also bought 16" end plates with decorative end caps which are included, the decorative end plates came with 3 mounts for kessil a360x .I put this together today with the 16" endplates, but...
  6. Skimmer,lights for sale.

    SCA 301 skimmer bnib $50 Reefbreeders photon 16 v2 with controller $150 Hamilton mh\t5 250w x 4 t5 used for 2months with 14000k bulb + brand new Hamilton 20000k bulb $225.
  7. Nice store

    Stopped by today to check it out,very clean and well run,had a nice chat with the owner,nice corals and fish,worth stopping by.
  8. rbta

    Nice rbta with green base 4" when open,$40.
  9. 3 rbta

    For sale 3 rbta on 8" live rock, one 5",one 3",one 2",red with nice green base, $80.
  10. 75,90 black pine stand

    Looking to buy 75 or 90g black pine stand 48x18 in good condition
  11. Encrusting montis

    Looking to buy some nice entrusting Montipora.
  12. Gold stripe maroon pair

    Looking to buy bonded Gold stripe maroon pair,preferably not to big.
  13. reefbreeders photon V2 16"

    For sale reef breeders photon V2 16"+controller,mint,$200.
  14. SCA 50g cube pnp system+led,T5,halide

    Hi all,I have for Sale an SC Aquariums 50gallon cube 24lx24wx20h,starfire glass. This has a 36" high solid wood stand not the mdf.The system comes with the original skimmer and pump both bnib,never used them.The skimmer section has been modified to accommodate a 9 1/2" water level,diy mesh...
  15. Gold stripe maroon pair

    Looking to buy gold stripe maroon pair 2-3"
  16. Reefbreeders photon 16 v-2

    Had this on a 50g cube, great light, running at 20% since Feb,$200.
  17. reefbreeders 16v-2, cebu sun 250w 4x 24w t5

    For sale Reef breeders Photon 16v-2,7 months old, perfect condition used at 20% comes with mounting legs and hanging kit,$200. Hamilton Cebu sun 250w 14000k + 4x24w actinic bought in March and never used, brand new,$250.
  18. Impulse buy purple LTA for sale

    Bought this beautiful purple LTA today, couldn't resist, on getting it home I realized it wasn't going to work for what I wanted, nice color, about 5" across, paid $75,will sell for $50 or trade for hammer, torch or frogspawn.
  19. gold stripe maroon pair

    Looking to buy GSM pair.
  20. wtb ocellaris or percula pair

    Looking to buy a young ocellaris or percula pair, not looking for hybrid designers, thanks.