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  1. WTB Baby blue tang / mandarin New Jersey

    looking to buy a baby blue tang or really small one mandarin any color really located in bergen county new jersey, shoot me a text at 973-900-039
  2. Coral Buying GSP, Blue hammer, Torch, Blue Hippo tang NJ

    looking to buy a piece of Green star polyp, blue hammer, torch " not green " baby - small blue hippo tang ( ich cured if possible ) im in New Jersey not far from absolutely fish bergen county NJ text me at 973-900-0939 if something Luke
  3. Coral Green star, hammers, torches

    Looking to buy some green star polyp medium sized to maybe larger sized, blue hammer, any type of cheaper torch im located in NJ can meet at GWB nj side or absolutely fish, im in bergen county so pretty much anywhere around here please text me at 973-900-0939
  4. Buying Torches any type NJ

    looking to buy a few different coral types of Torches, smaller - medium nothing crazy expensive located in NJ 1-3 head sizes maybe message me or text me at 973-900-0939
  5. Buying Fish and Inverts NJ ONLY

    Located in NJ bergen county, im looking to buy a few things, mandarin 1, Gobbies 1-2, Pistol Shrimp 1-2, jawfish, small to medium sizes preferred in the market for hammers and frogspawns aswell buying clean up crew aswell hermits snails text me at 973-900-0939
  6. Clown fish for sale $20, Custom Refugium $60

    selling a female clown fish for $20 dollars about 3 inches in size, very healthy eater, black & white with yellow fins and face ( saddleback clown) Also Selling a custom built refugium used only for about a week till i got my new tank, its a hang on the back comes with a pump, its made from...
  7. Selling Saddleback Clown Fish ASAP NJ

    wanting to sell or trade Saddle back Clown fish 30$ or trade for other clown ( smaller ) clown grow too large for my tank want it gone asap. possible trade for other clown or watchman pistol shrimp combo. located in new jersey text me at 973-900-0939
  8. WTB Watchman/shrimp combo - cleaner shrimp

    looking to buy a Watchman Goby / candy cane shrimp combo and a cleaner shrimp NJ sellers only can meet at absolutely fish message me at 973-900-0939
  9. Selling Reef Supplies from nano

    Hey yall im selling some Reef supplies from a 10g nano tank i had previously heres a list pictures of all stuff on request Buddie Rodi System w/ new filters 30$ Custom Refugium replica from CPR aquarium - 75$ comes with pump hoses and all live rock dipped in Coral RX bucket 40$ Seachem Tidal...
  10. WTS RODI Buddie / older wetdry box / lava rock

    selling an RODI buddie with new filters / bag of DI resin / for 40$ also selling some lava rock (reddish) about 50 lbs / 40$ older wetdry filter box with bioballs and such 20$ located in bergen county NJ text me at 973-900-0939
  11. WTB or Free Dry Rock NJ

    Looking to either buy very cheap or take off somones hands looking for 30-40lbs of dry rock in new jersey bergen county area unused dryrock have some lava rock i can trade if somone wants those. shoot me a text at 973-900-0939
  12. Buying Xenia medium sized Bergen County

    Looking to buy a Xenia medium sized in North Jersey area im in bergen county shoot me a text at 973-900-0939 (restocking after crash)
  13. WTB Dry Rock / Live sand North Jersey Area

    Looking to buy 30ish lbs of dry rock would be nice if its cooked and live sand looking to start up a new tank and need rocks to work on a landscape going the dry rock route cause i dont want any friendly hitchhikers. shoot me a text my LFS selling 30lbs for 45$ if anyone can beat it ofcourse...
  14. Help reef isn?t growing need advice

    hey guys i need some advice about my reef tank currently i have a 10g tank doing a small little reef for the past 10 months its been running pretty smooth no major issues few changes here and there changed a light change my rock landscape around things like that nothing major my coral growth is...
  15. BUYING Bubble TIP ANEMONE / Rock Flowers

    looking to buy a bubble tip anemone ( not greens ) any other colors same with rock flower anemones nothing green message me if your selling im located in New Jersey text me at 973-900-0939 thanks
  16. Looking to BUY Biocube 29-32

    looking to buy a 29-32g biocube looking for just the cube dont really need stand. accessories are welcome for the right price ofcourse but mainly only need the tank message me if your selling. im located in New Jersey only traveling in NJ aswell can meet you at GWB furthest text me at...
  17. Selling 32g biocube non led or trade for 30g nuvo

    Selling my 32g biocube non led with working T5 hood, media rack, original pump, tank only no stand or trading everything for Nuvo 30g tank. Tank is in really good condition everything works fan/light Selling everything for $250 or trade for nuvo 30g long Text me 973-900-0939 Luke Bergen...
  18. Selling Marine Orbit LED Loop system 18-24inch

    hello im selling a basically brand new Current Marine Orbit LED ( Loop System ) used for maybe 30 days or so it was a fast back for my current system when my lights when out only used it for around 30 days still have the box and all its the 18-24 range one please text me at 973-900-0939 Luke...
  19. looking for a cheap tank

    looking for to buy a very cheap innovative marine tank or a JBJ or bio cube basically looking for somone trying to get rid of their tank for cheap 20-30 gallons mostly looking for rimless so all my equipment fits it but i know its rare and pricey please let me know sizes and prices Tank only...
  20. filter help nano reef tank

    hey guys, so ive been in the market for a good quality nano reef hang on filter everyone wants refugiums / sumps but i just dont have the space for it. currently i have a 10gallon tank going to be upgrading to a 20-30 if i find a good deal. and want to get a good hang on the back filter i also...