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  1. Lighting AI Hydra 32 HD LED Light Fixture x 4 (New)

    Great seller. Buy with confidence reefers!
  2. For Sale Snowflake eel

    very fat and healthy eel. Buy with confidence!
  3. Question about New apex controller

    EL model, no. Regular model with ORP probe, yes. Just replace orp with ph probe. Set orp channel to ph.
  4. Coral BubbleGum Digi

    Beautiful Coral collection. Tons of color. Buy with confidence reefers.

    I agree. no need calcium reactor yet. save your money now and look into calcium reactor next year. your 750xxl with small frags. you wont even need to do for 2-3months. PM me if you need help dialing it in.
  6. Question reefer 750xxl

    I wont worry about few mm off. unless your water line is 1" height difference from opposite glass. 1/4"-1/2" water level difference from front to back or side to side is no big deal. it is not a lot of pressure at that tiny amount of water difference. what you dont want is corner to corner...
  7. Question Reef Crystals and tap water

    Any reef salt can use Tapwater or even sewer water. But what is in the water that matters. Heavy metals, chlorine, silica etc,. Get RODI. I have over 6K in life stock. I wont skim on a 300.00 rodi. I am in bklyn and my tap water is 17 TDS. LI dont use NYS water so LI TDS should be higher. I...
  8. calcium reactor or 2 part dosing

    If your tank is new with Low demands. You can can dose until your tank requires 100.00 month of 2parts than you may want to look into calcium reactor. It take time to dial in a cal reactor. Not everyone have the patience to do it.
  9. Frag Swap Looking for highend sps for the swap

    If you have high end sps please pm me with price and pic.
  10. Question Hanna vs Salifert Alkalinity

    hanna. no need to guess colors
  11. Reef equipment for sale $$$$

    Are we upgrading?
  12. Do your fish stare at you?

    It is a bit spooky but does your fish come up to the magnifier glass and stare back at you??
  13. Secci psk600 replacement

    I have a reef octopus skimmer using psk600 AC pump. It is making too much noise. The hmm diving me crazy. Anyone know a DC compatible pump I can use? It must have same psk600 pump output size and thread. Thx
  14. Question Encrusting monti information?

    Good stable water and a lot of light. That pretty cover all Sps. Monti are pretty hardy.
  15. Coral Any 10 acropora sps pack for only $100 with 2 freebies frags

    I would grab them all if I have more room. Free bump for great seller!
  16. WARNING! POND UV Rust Found

    I purchased this 55w Pond UV sterilizer from amazon and was using it for pass two months. It works great and I did not need to clean my glass as often. Today I took it apart to do some cleaning. After removing the UV sleeve. I was in horror to see brown rust stain on the inside housing wall...
  17. Disapointed at Live Aquara order

    Been ordering from Dr Foster and live aquaria. I been disappointed at my last two order from live Aquaria. Latest order of frozen food did not deliver on time. Tracking show deliver before 10:30am. I waited whole day and ups did not show up. Package show delivered at 7:58pm. Someone I do not...