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  1. Frag swap pics

    Thanks to randy for hosting this long awaiting swap. It was great seeing some of the guys n gals from long ago. For those who did not get to see some of randy's amazing tanks:)
  2. Kent marine maxxima 4 stage RO/DI $50

    Kent marine maxxima 4 stage RO/DI $50. Membrane and color changing DI resin are over 12 months old so you will need to replace them. local pickup/no shipping (too heavy)
  3. Specrum outage in queens?

    Anyone out in queens on internet?
  4. Car window tint

    Anyone know where or who in queens do tinting good. Thks.
  5. Conch shell

    Any1 know if it can be bring back from turks and caicos to the states?
  6. kristen marhaver-how_we_re_growing_baby_corals
  7. turks and caicos vids
  8. Grand Canyon

    Anyone been to the grand canyon and have suggestions on where to stay and which rim is best to visit?
  9. OS X Yosemite

    Anyone knows how I can create a Bootable USB stick with Yosemite from a win pc?

    preferably not too far from queens
  11. Takayama sushi

    Please help my friend and vote for Takayama sushi. Thanks!!!
  12. time warner internet down in queens?

    Forest hills/rego park area
  13. Bike riding in roosevelt island

    anyone lives and or bike ride in Roosevelt island? any tips or suggestions of where to go?
  14. Chinese Funeral wreath

    Anyone know any good Chinese florist in Manhattan Chinatown for sending a white flower wreath to a funeral home in Chinatown?
  15. sleep number bed

    Anyone has one and any opinions? Thks.
  16. Reefman Frags for Fall Swap 2013

    Frags available for purchase/pickup at the swap ONLY. I will need PayPal payment to hold anything. If interested, please post on this thread what you are interested in and send me a PM message with your cell number so I can locate you at the swap. I will send you my PayPal info after I receive...
  17. engine fan on after car is off

    anyone know if its normal for engine fan to stay on over 15 minutes even after the ignition is turn off?
  18. Bahamas Atlantis (cove) or Turks & Caicos (alexandra)

    anyone been to both and can help me choose one. :flower:
  19. metal cutting

    Anyone know where I can get a hole cut on a metal hood in flushing queens?
  20. website

    did the left side move to the right side?