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  1. Frag Swap Swap Raffle Prizes are Rolling in!

    Aswome can't wait see you at the swap! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. Coral StourysReef - Swap Rainbow Nems / SPS & LPS Pack

    Great selection see you at the swap. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. Frag Swap Usctom's swap corals

    Buy with confidence great guy! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. LIRA frag swap raffle prizes

    We are just one month away from our LIRA frag swap and we have some awesome raffle donations from our great sponsors. First up is from MarineDepot. A special thanks to Metrokat from MarineDepot for all your help and support for the club. Don't miss out on Metrokat and Joe Yaiullo speeches at the...
  5. LIRA's April 2019 Meeting, 4/5/2019

    LIRA's April 2019 Meeting, 4/5/2019 Speaker: John (Copps) Coppolino Topic: Building an SPS Monster- 1300 gallon SPS display Time: 7:45pm Location: Acan Lighting Office 75 Austin Blvd, Commack, NY 11725 Club Website: About John (Copps) Coppolino...
  6. WTB used Carbon Doser

    I'm looking for a used CarbonDoser electronic CO2 regulator from AQUARIUMPLANTS. Thanks Sal
  7. Calcuim reactor recommendation

    I decided to switch from dosing to a calcuim reactor for my 260 gallon tank and wanted to see what everyone is using. Thanks Sal

    I'm looking for a sulfur reactor. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk Thanks Sal
  9. 260 Glasscages reef tank

    After 9 years with my 155 bow front tank it was time to upgrade.* My tank is from glasscages 84"x28"x25" tall. My stand was made from tttony (mr member). I want to thank my good friend Charlie (charlietuna88) for the countless hours of helping me setup my tank with the whole process. System...
  10. LIRA Donation

    LIRA would like to thank Aquarium Village of a 60 Gallon cube with stand for our LIRA frag swap raffle. Thank you again for your support.
  11. wtb big sump

    I will be upgrading soon to a 260 tank and I'm looking for a big acrylic sump. Let me know if anyone has anything laying around that would work. thanks
  12. Reefapalozza frags

    I will be at reefapolzza both days. Cherry corals mr freeze lepto $25 Dr Mac ice Lepto $25 Jason fox green lepto $20 Jason fox hair freak $25 Android monti $15 Cherry corals darth maul porites $25 Pink and gold zoas $15
  13. 40 gallon breeder stand.

    Looking for a 40 gallon breeders stand.
  14. Looking for sump

    I'm looking for a sump for a 90 gallon tank. Let me know what everyone has to sell. Thanks Sal
  15. Cherrys, Jfox frags

    Pick up in Lindenhurst, or local LPS. Thanks for looking. Sal $20 each Cherry Corals Mr Freeze Lepto Cherry Corals Darth Maul Porities Jason Fox Hair Freak Jason Fox Jose Casa pink Stylocoenelia Jason Fox Jack o'lantern leptoseris sold out Jason Fox Green Lepto Tyree Pumpkin...
  16. ReefAPalooza or pickup

    I can bring them to ReefAPalooza NY on Sunday or pick up in Lindenhurst. I can also text you pics. Thanks Sal Sps (Most sps will be 1"+) Reefgen orchid Stylo $15 Reefgen blue poly stylo $10 Rainbow Stylo (SMCOOLER) $15 DrMac Green Stylo $15 Pink Poccillopora Damicornis mutibranch $10...
  17. Sohal tang

    I really hate to get rid of my Sohal but he has out grown my tank. I have him for about two years since he was 2". He is now about 6" plus with streamers $150. Pick up is in Lindenhurst. Sal
  18. Jason fox frags

    $15 each Pick up in Lindenhurst. Jason fox freak hair Jason fox Jose casas pink poly stylocoeniella Cherry corals darth maul porites
  19. Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 550

    Looking to buy Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 550.
  20. Frogspawn, Purple dig, and seaseon monti

    Pick up in Lindenhurst -8 head frogspawn $35 -5 head frogspawn $25 -Purple digitata muti branches $15 and $10 -Season greeting monticap $15 -Ora purple undata $20