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  1. Equipment WTB : Eb832

    Looking for 1-2 of these I’ve seen them pop up for $175-$180 recently. I am located in NJ near philly and can meet locally or would need to be shipped.
  2. For Sale NJ: AirWaterIce 5 stage Rodi setup

    This unit was bought new and used for 2 months before being broken down in July. Included - Typhoon 5 stage system - Booster kit upgrade - TDS meter Retail value of $320 Prices at $175 picked up in NJ 08554
  3. For Sale Custom External Protein skimmer

    This was made for systems 300-1000g, I ran it on my system that had a total water volume of near 400g and it performed like a beast. It breaks down into 3 parts for easy cleaning. The upper most part consists of the air and water intakes with the spray nozzles. This section slides off. The...
  4. For Sale Klir Di-7 Automatic Roller filter

    I have 2 of these for sale, I bought them earlier this year and used them until I broke my system down a few months later. Each one has about half a roll left, I will include a new roll at asking price. Extra rolls are $10 per roll. Price is $235 per filter pick up in Roebling Nj, I can ship...
  5. 2x Reeflo Hammerhead Barracuda aquarium pumps

    I have 2 pumps for sale, 1 was bought new 2 years ago the other I bought used so the age is unknown. The newer one is the pump with the gold case, the seal was replaced 2 months ago. This is the hybrid pump and It has the hammerhead impeller on it. The older pump is mounted on a Baldor motor...
  6. 2 Aqua Illumination Hydra 26HD lights

    I have two of these lights for sale, this is for the light and power cable only no mounts. I took these in trade but plans have changed and they are no longer needed. Price is $250 per light. Picked up in 08554. I can ship at buyers expense.
  7. WTB Aquafuge and AI hydra 26 mounts

    Close it
  8. Trading G3 XR30 pro for G4 Xr15 pro

    Looking to trade my xr30 pro G3 with RMS for a G4 XR15 pro with RMS. Located in south Jersey, 08554 I am willing to meet within a 50mile radious. Otherwise I?ll sell it for $350
  9. Klir Di-7 automated fleece filters

    I bought 3 of these earlier this year for my setup and no longer need all 3. These are the 7? version and I have 2 for sale. These retail for $300, asking $275 each. Each unit includes the new redesigned bottom cage, the roll it currently has on it(half used) and 1 new unopened roll of fleece...
  10. Ecotech Vectra M1

    I have a Vectra M1, dayes July 2016 purchased blackfriday 2016. It was first put to use ~Feb-March of 2017 then removed cleaned and boxed August 2017. It has been boxed since then as I did not need it for my next build. It was recently tested to be working. Price is $250 cash picked up in NJ...
  11. WTB: Jebao Wp40 wetside magnet

    So I discovered today that one of my WP40 wetside magnets has bulged and burst and is now rusting out. With that being said I?m in need of a replacement, ideally I?d like just the rubber/magnet but would buy the entire bracket and maybe pump depending on price.
  12. Unused 60g rimless cube with stand

    I have a new (leak tested when I unloaded it) otherwise unused Marineland 60g cube 24x24x24 with stand for sale, I paid $650 for the setup this past spring but my plans changed. It includes a return and overflow kit with bulk heads aswell. Looking for $350 cash picked up in Jersey, 08554. Would...
  13. Ecotech Vectra M1 pumps

    I have 2 Ecotech Vectra M1 pumps for sale, both are dates 2016 and where both purchased winter 2016 then used for less than 6 months in 2017 and cleaned and boxes August 2017 where they have been sitting since. $250 each picked up in Jersey 08554, I can ship at buyers expense. Also willing to...
  14. Ecotech Vectra M1 pumps

    Some how double posted, please delete
  15. Ft: Marinelamd 60g rimless cube with stand

    Ft: Marineland 60g rimless cube with stand Bought this new this past spring and never set it up, it's only had water in it to leak test. Includes the tank and plumbing plus the expression colored stand. Located in Roebling, NJ 08554. Looking to trade for a frag tank setup, open to other trades...
  16. Large custom external Skimmer

    Custom built large external protein skimmer, when I say large it stand 5 Ft tall. It easily disassembles for cleaning. this was bought from a local guy breaking down his 750g system I can't recall who made it. I paid $300 for it I'll sell for $250
  17. Wanted: Reef Teady 92g corner tank with stand/canopy

    Wanted: Reef Ready 92g corner tank with stand/canopy Looking to trade for a 92g RR corner setup. I have a 180g system that's being parted out that I'd be open to trading from.
  18. Theiling automatic roller mat

    Brand new in the box, bought this for a build that has since been canceled. I'll include a second fleece roll. Located in NJ, 08554 $385
  19. Parting out 180 build, lots of high end items ecotech Reefkeeper

    It breaks my heart to do this but we need cash to make repairs to our house and the fish tank is a low priority. With that said I am Parting out my 180g build that's been in progress since last fall. I have many new and used high end products for sale. Some of the items where/are dirty and can...
  20. Damaged New In Crate Innovative Marine SR80

    Located in Burlington Nj, 08554 So I ordered a second Sr80 tank back in July and had not one but 2 tanks delivered with cracked back panels. I was going to keep them and have the glass replaced locally but with my house getting flooded in August I haven't had the time to deal with these and...