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  1. For Sale Arid N18, New in Box - Price Drop $375

    I have an Arid N18 Algae reactor brand new. originally got it to attempt solving an algae problem in my tank, but the chaeto seems to be doing just fine in the sump and I'm trying to save some money for some more essential things. Located in NJ. I'll be in the city throughout the second half of...
  2. Question Fish suddenly lethargic/dying

    I'm running a 36 ELOS, all of my fish were fine for quite a while, the most recent additions to the tank were a toadstool and a Kenya tree. Last night my lubbock wrasse suddenly started swimming very slowly/ slanted. Woke up this morning and he was dead. My first clownfish is now doing the same...
  3. WTB ATO

    Looking for an ATO, unfortunately got sold a broken one with my set up......
  4. Looking for some starter fish

    Finally got a tank set up, looking for some recommendations on what fish can tolerate a new tank better. I have it cycling with caribsea live sand, some biospira. Rocks are in there and some marinepure have been put in the sump... if anyone has suggestions and anything for sale let me know
  5. Wtb powerhead and heater

    Just joining the hobby. Looking for this and that, need a heater and a powerhead for a 35 gallon tank. If you have any misc. Stuff like an extra mag float or net youd be willing to throw in cheap give me a price. Located in Jersey. Cheers
  6. WTB tank/Setup

    Hi, New to the hobby (friend in this forum convinced me to get a tank). Haven't had one before, spent the last few weeks stalking the forum to read up. Looking to buy either an AIO or Tank with sump, in either case overall dimension needs to be smaller than 35" by 24". trying to stay at least...