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  1. Free chaeto today only

    In Valley Stream
  2. Tank Killer stand built for sump, supplies,CLOSE/ GONE!!!

    In valley stream... Approx 72"x25"x37 Will support a couple thousand pounds.. fit in my tahoe... 10 coats of exterior latex, cabinet quality 3/4" ply And 2x4's Trade me something, come and take it... Just Ddnt work for me, preemptive build... Does not have 2 be for tank stuff... Great...
  3. WTB Tonga branch ro k

    Needing some Tonga branch for my build PleSe text 917.826.8113 Ty... James
  4. Closed all set

    Building my reef structure for my 300dd Thought I was going 2 use my existing 4 year old live rock.... Decided I don't want to kill it... Need rock asap Text best 917 826 8113
  5. Free Free bag o Chaeto

    Pick up Valley Stream
  6. Equipment Milwaukee Refractometer SOLD

    Used 2x like new $90 Pick up in Valley Stream
  7. Hanna checkers... SOLD

    $40 each cal and Phosphate full reagent + $35 alk (needs reagent) FREE Red Sea Nitrate and Magnesium (recently expired, checkd next to Salfert and still accurate) PM only... In valley stream Will be in Brooklyn on Wednesday, daytime Gowanus Otherwise pick up valley stream I don't know how pm...
  8. Need help lifting tank today Saturday 10/12

    Valley Stream Sometime between 10am-12noon Have 5 ppl lined up, need a few more Empty 300gal. Lifting it 8" and sliding in a sheet of 1/4" steel plate and a 3/4" sheet of ply... 917.826.8113 Text best
  9. For Sale 65 gallon vertical water storage container

    Noresco 65 gallon water storage container... New... Bottom plumbed with ball valve 23" diameter , 43" height These are $200+ after shipping $160 In Valley Stream Conversation best...
  10. For Sale 100 gallon water storage container

    Pick up in valley stream $100 these cost $300 at the end of the day when you order them and ship them. I bought it used and selling for what I paid... if you have an area outside or it's going in your garage this is for you, ...... it does not fit through a standard 30" door...
  11. Equipment Artica Chiller DA-500B 1/2 hp

    Works as should.... In valley stream.. Don't need anymore $350
  12. Anyone Driving to Montreal area soin

    Need to send a big skimmer,,,,
  13. Bubble King 300 external skimmer SOLD

  14. help move 300 gallon tank into house today Monday

    300 gallon 72"?36?27 In garage, no steps... Have 2 sets of suction cups. Need 6- 8 ppl... 6 of us moved it from the bronx to my house and it was damm heavy Need a few more men.. In valley stream
  15. Red Dragon Lady Bounce

    $375 for big babies , Nickel + size Mom and some spawn pics Momma nfs
  16. wtb 100 gallon water storage container or Full Station

    I have 1 Norwesco 100 gallon vertical water storage container, Looking for another 100gal or a dual 75gallon or larger station . Thanks PM Please!!!!
  17. wtb tank stand 72x36

  18. anyone have suction cups to move tanks

    Anyone ? Moving a 300 gal dd on Saturday
  19. Strong Island Reefing aka/5 towns reefers

    Ooooo Mama