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  1. Coral Large Tyree red dragon

    I'll take it
  2. 75 g RR + stand

    75 gallon corner overflow reef ready tank black pine stand $100 Same tank as my thread: Pick up in Freeport, NY
  3. Breakdown Sale SPS, LiveRock, Tank

    Getting ready to move. So breaking down my current setup Once fish and everything is gone selling tank and stand. First person to show up pay/pickup gets it. Pickup in in Freeport, Long Island, NY Original Setup that is being broke down. 75g RR with stand- $100 OBO Live Rock $50 for...
  4. 4" Sohal Tang

    4" Sohal Tang $100 Healthy, Active, Good colors, eats well
  5. Sps

    Cleaning frag tank and moving stuff in display. Will be adding more. Also can fresh cut many of them if you prefer. Freeport NY Long Island $40 Bali Maricultured Acro Colony WYSIWYG had this since November $40 Bali Maricultured Acro Colony had since december Unknown Aussie acro colony...
  6. F/S F/T African Flameback Pygmy Angel

    For Trade preferably or $30 Had this fish for close to 2 years. Fat eats everything. Just got a bit territorial in my setup and has chased around most of my wrasses needs a tank where someone else is the boss already. Prefer trade for sps I don't have or any other frag I don't have. Pickup...
  7. Pink Lemonade + Millies

    Will buy or trade.
  8. Free emerald crab

    Haven't bought one in years. Must have made new setup in some old live rock. He has been upsetting sps at night and finally caught him. Pick up in freeport. Hopefully tonite
  9. 2 Kessil a360We and 2 Hamilton 48" t5s

    For sale: 2 Kessil a360We: $350 each w/ gooseneck, link cable, apex cable ----Kessils used on my tank from april-october 1kessil sold with apex cable 2 Hamilton Aruba Sun Low profile fixture 2x54 and led strip $125 each ----brand new in box, never used Planned to run all this on my tank, but...
  10. Finally Starting a Knutez24 Tank Thread

    Never started a tank thread for my old setups. So figured I would give it a try with my new setup. Over the last 2 years I've moved multiple times for work and now i'm back in Long Island. Had a 40B setup for just over 6 years before all the moving started and have kept some of my coral and...
  11. Reef Octopus HOB skimmer +Mag 7 Reef Octopus Hand on back skimmer BH2000 Same as link above. Was used for 3 months. $150 Mag 7 $40 AI 12" rail w/ legs $15 Pickup in Freeport/ Long Island Can meet at...
  12. 125 gallon tank and wood stand

    Need this gone! 125 gallon NON RR Tank black wood stand (actual wood not particle) Both Need a little TLC but are in good shape. $250 for both!!!! Also would take a combo of $ and a trade for zoa frags only pic I had on my cell phone for now. I will take more later. Tank still...
  13. WTB/trade for Some Zoas

    Lost some of my zoas after sandy and looking to get back some of my favorites now LA Lakers Emeralds on Fire Fruit Loops Purple Hornets Hit me up if you have any and anything else you're looking to sell/swap. I'm located Freeport Long Island
  14. 125 gallon tank+ stand and ai sol

    125 gallon tank NOT reef ready with wood stand $300 Ai sol (white exterior) $250 used for a little over a year Sold Ai controller the original not the newer $25 Sold 12" mounting rail with legs for ai $20 24" mounting rail with legs for ai $20 sold Pickup of these items is in freeport...
  15. 2-3" Porcupine Puffer FS $30 or trade

    Tiny Puffer for $30 or trade. Just bought him yesterday and thought he would work out great in my FOWLR tank, but was way wrong. He is getting picked on by my trigger so I had to take him out. Pickup in Freeport, could also meet within reason. Little guy needs a good home! At work now...
  16. Live or Dry Rock

    Need some pieces for a FOWLR setup. Live and work in Nassau so hoping for something close or meet at a LFS. Thanks
  17. Free damsels

    I have a blue/gold damsel and a Talbots damsel free to a good home. First come gets them. Freeport Long Island.
  18. Anlother use for LED's

    Saw this infomercial today.
  19. LFS or place to get RO in Mamaroneck?

    I'm just moving to the area, so i don't know anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Moving/ Downgrade Sale equipment + SPS

    Well i just took a new job in Westchester, and the quick move with new living arangements aren't going to allow me to take everything with. So cleaning out the fish/reef closet and selling off alot of livestock. I'm also willing to trade equipment and remaining livestock for "high end"...