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  1. Coral Zoa Frags for the swap

    hey guys ive got a few well priced zoas for sale or trade. looking for torches or ricordea mushrooms. thanks for looking nyra armor of devil (have 2 frags of this)- $20 NYRA alien anti venom- $20 malibu sunrise- $30 unsure of name of this one, got it at reef a palooza- $35 Everlasting...
  2. Coral Zoa frags

    Hey guys I have some nice looking zoanthids for sale. Pickup in Chinatown. malibu sunrise- $30 nyra armor of devil (have 2 frags of this)- $20 Everlasting gobstopper- $15 Scrambled eggs- $15 unsure of name of this one, got it at reef a palooza- $35 NYRA alien anti venom- $20
  3. Coral Nice Zoas for a cheap price

    15 bucks each, pick up in chinatown. buy 3 get one free 🙌
  4. Coral Zoas

    Pink zipper 3p- $15 Malibu sunrise 10P+ - $30 3p HPE morph- $15 Pickup in Chinatown, Manhattan. Thanks for looking. Also willing to trade for ricordea mushrooms
  5. nice $20 zoa frags

    Each frag for $20. Will do a deal if you buy all of them. pickup in Chinatown. Scrambled egg Everlasting gobstopper Unnamed one with a polyp of JF stargazer thrown in there for fun :) Pink zipper (nice big polyps)
  6. Summer Coral Sale

    Hey guys, I have been growing these out for a while and am ready to finally make some sales. Pick up in Chinatown. Thanks for looking :cool: :cool::cool: devils armor- $20 Desert Storm PPE- $20 Everlasting Gobstopper- $20 Sakura Sunrise- $30 Pink Zipper- $30 Yellow Yuma: $15 Rhodactis: $10 Neon...
  7. zoanthid frags

    hey guys, I have a few zoas for sale that I have been growing out for months. Pickup in Chinatown, Manhattan. If you are interested, PM me your number and i will send photos. Pink Zipper 9p- $35 Sakura Sunrise 9p- $30 Everlasting Gobstopper 11p - $40 Desert Storm PPE 3p- $25
  8. zoas and green monti

    Pickup in chinatown, manhattan. Will do a deal if you buy them all. thanks for looking! 1. 4p sunny d Zoanthid: $15 2. 2p NYRA neverbeast Zoanthid: $30 3. 3" awesome green monti cap (fast grower): $30 4. 2p Alien Anti venom Zoanthid: $10 5. 5p Sakura Zoanthid: $15 6. 7p Pink Zipper Zoanthid: $30
  9. Chinatown Zoa Frags

    pink zipper 4 big polyps + multiple baby polyps: $20 Magician 4 polyps: $20 pick up only. thanks for looking
  10. $20 zoa frags

    $15 zoa frags! 2 pink zipper frags (3 and 4 polyp) and 1 sunny d for sale (4 polyp) price change! need to make some space for LIRA swap purchases. 15 bucks each. pickup in chinatown, first come first serve. thanks for looking
  11. Sakura Sunrise zoas

    hey guys, have two frags of Sakura Sunrise. Each are on nice 2in ceramic tiles. huge polyps on these and new baby heads as well. pickup in chinatown manhattan. first come first serve. thanks for looking. only $20 per tile
  12. $20 zoa frags (sunny d, sakura, neverbeast)

    scrambled eggs, sakura, sunny d, and neverbeast zoanthid frags for sale, nice heathy polyps. 20 dollars per frag. pickup in chinatown, manhattan. thanks for looking
  13. Awesome $20 Zoa frags

    hey guys, i have these zoa frags for sale. 20-40 bucks each. pickup in chinatown, manhattan. buy 5 get one free. thanks for looking.
  14. 15 dollar frags

    Scrambled eggs- at least 15 polyps Nice Orange/ bright reddish monti cap 2?x 2? $15 dollars each. Thanks for looking. Pick up in Chinatown, Manhattan. Available any day after 4:30pm
  15. 15 polyp sunny d zoa frag $35

    15 polyp Scrambled egg zoa frag $30 pickup in Chinatown, Manhattan. Thanks for looking- Max (858)353-2852
  16. Awesome $20 Zoa frags

    hi guys, left is anti venom, right is sakura. $20 each. pickup in Chinatown, Manhattan. Thanks for looking!
  17. unique 4" Pink Leather

    Hey guys, this cool leather has outgrown my nano tank so I'm letting it go for a good price. 15$ takes it. Pick up in Chinatown, Manhattan. Thanks for looking
  18. Zoas! JF Star Gazers/Playboy Bunnies/Space Monster

    Zoas! JF Star Gazers and Space Monster Nice and Healthy JF Star Gazer Polyp $20 Purple Space Monster frag with massive polyps. $40 Pick up in Chinatown, Manhattan. Also willing to do trades in other zoas. Thanks for looking
  19. awesome $15 zoa frags

    pick up in chinatown, manhattan. take your pick, 15 bucks each. Thanks for looking
  20. Kessil a80 w/ flex arm mount + timer

    Hey guys, selling my Kessil a80. comes with mount and timer. used it above my Nuvo 10 Gallon Nano and it worked excellent. Great light. Only 8 months old. I am located in Chinatown. Happy reefing! $100