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  1. Coral Variety of SPS/Monti for sale

    Variety of SPS for sale. Discounts for packs. PM me! Location: Rye, NY JF Fox Flame encrusted multi - $110 (pending) Ultra Pink Millie - $35 BC Clown Car multi branch - $50 CB Flaming Pheonix Monti 2" - $100 CB Flaming Pheonix Monti 1" - $75 ASD Rainbow Millie - $75 WWC Slimeball Anacropora -...
  2. ORA Birds of Paradise colony F/S

    Pic below. Measures about 6.5" at its widest and 6" tall. - $120 iPhone pic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Rose Bubble Tip F/S

    I have 3 Rainbow bubble tip anemones. Beautiful bright red tentacles with a neon green at the base. $70 each Prefer local pickup. Rye, NY. PM if you would like to discuss shipping details.
  4. Easy SPS Frags for Sale

    Have some SPS frags for sale. Generous multi branch frags. Have multiple of each and willing to make a deal for a pack. Pics to follow. Tyree Flower pedal Montipora - $15 Starburst Montipora -$10 ORA Neon Green Birdsnest - $10 Tri Color Granulosa - $20 Paletta Tri Color - $25 Ultra Pink Millie...
  5. Kessil A360W E series (2)

    I have two Kessil A360W E Series for sale includes gooseneck mount. I am original owner and they are in like new condition. $260 each (shipped) or $250 local pickup.
  6. SALE Oceans Motion Unit

    For sale a 4 way Oceans Motion Unit. The motor was replaced within the last year. Selling for huge discount because it needs a new drum and westside magnet (see link below). Price: $250 (retails for $499)
  7. Red Gracilaria

    I have 3 generous softball size portions of Red Gracilaria . My tangs LOVE this stuff, think it?s a major factor in their health and coloration. High in natural fibers, which are also known to combat, prevent and cure head and lateral line erosion. Great addition to refugium- $35 per shipped...
  8. Equipment for sale (pump, reactor, and more)

    1) Reeflo Dart / Snapper GOLD Hybrid Water Pump with Baldor Motor - $225 2) MD-70RLT - 1536 GPH - IWAKI - $120 (has some rust but works great) 3) RX-U 2.0L UNIVERSAL MEDIA REACTOR -$85 4) WATER BLASTER HY 3000 Pinwheel pump - $50 5) CW-300 EXTERNAL ALGAE SCRUBBER - $450 (This is still...
  9. Chaeto F/S

    Each order will be ~gallon ziplock (Volleyball size) - $25 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. ATI 60" 8x80 F/S

    I have a 60" ATI 8x80w fixture for sale that was used for less than a year. One ballast that controls middle 2 bulbs no longer works, needs to be replaced. Pictures below Price: $450 Includes new bulbs (value $200+!!): 4 Blue + 3 Coral + 2 Actinic 1 Aqua blue special 1 Purple +
  11. Rose Bubble Tip Anemone FS

    I have 4 Rose bubble tip anemones. Beautiful bright red tentacles with a neon green at the base. 2 medium sized for $50 and 2 smaller ones for $40. Prefer local pickup. Westchester, NY. PM if you would like to discuss shipping details. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 6-7" Australian Harlequin Tusk for SALE

    Selling my 6-7" Australian Harlequin Tusk. I've had him for 3+ years and has more than doubled in size. Beautiful colors. Local pickup preferred but am open to discuss shipping options. Price: $275 Location: Rye, NY (10580)
  13. 220g Reef Tank Build

    This will be my first large reef tank build and am going to need all the advise and help I can get. I will be posting many pictures to document my progress feel free to comment or make suggestions. The Tank dimensions are 72" x 24" x 30" (Acrylic) I have a 75g tank that I will be using as the...