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  1. Equipment Fs: Bubble Magus C6

  2. Equipment Fs: Bubble Magus C6

  3. Equipment Fs: Bubble Magus C6

    All clean and ready to go to a new home.
  4. Equipment Fs: Bubble Magus C6

  5. wtb: 30x12 stand

    grimey, dirty, old, metal, burn your eyes out neon pink dont care. Its for a bearded dragon who is residing in a 20 long. Just need something I can put a 20 long on. send a convo with details
  6. Pets Warehouse in Copiague

    I was told that they wont have coral or fish in the new store. Only in Carle Place. The old hag in Carle Place & I arent exactly "simpatico" Guess thats yet another shop i wont be supporting anymore
  7. Fish Flame angel for sale

    convo sent
  8. Equipment FS: Simplicity DC Pump 3200

    The bubble magus
  9. Equipment FS: Simplicity DC Pump 3200

    I still have that skimmer if you want to trade
  10. Fish Free pair mating tomatoe clowns

    My offer to home them stands. You have my # in your pm's
  11. Shoutout! Free protein skimmer

    Skimmer looks familiar :cool:
  12. Equipment Fs: Bubble Magus C6

  13. Lighting Like new led

  14. Equipment Fs/ft Apex classic Eb8

    Pending p/u