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  1. wtb: 30x12 stand

    grimey, dirty, old, metal, burn your eyes out neon pink dont care. Its for a bearded dragon who is residing in a 20 long. Just need something I can put a 20 long on. send a convo with details
  2. Equipment Fs/ft Apex classic Eb8

    Bought a used apex. It came with 2 eb8's. I only need 1. Asking for $60 or trade for a probe holder + cash Comes with a short aquabus cable Pick up only located in 11554 PM is key
  3. wtb: mp10 or gyre

    looking for a gyre/crossflow or vortech mp10. cash in hand price and pics to 516-749-6862
  4. Wtb: 55g/40b/33long 65g tank and stand

    Got something for free. Thanks forum
  5. ISO: cheato & other macro algae

    Just like the title says, looking for macro algae. chaeto, dragons breath, caulerpa, gracilaria trying to diversify my new refugium
  6. Equipment Fs: Bubble Magus C6

    Used, newer pump (replaced 6 months ago). Been a workhorse for my system. Going a different direction (no fish, bigger refugium) Specs: Capability : 500L-700L (132G-185G) pump:SP2000 Pump power: 16W, 110V 60Hz air intake : 520L/H Dimensions: 180 * 265 * 500 mm ( 7? * 10.4? * 19.6 ?) cylinder...
  7. wtb:base rock

  8. Wtb: small hippo tang

    Looking for a small blue hippo tang. Preferred under 4". Dont care if its a yellow belly or not. Text price and pics to (516)749-6862
  9. Iso: Flame angel

    Lfs around here havent seem to had any in a while. Who has one. Long island preferred. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  10. Fs:$50 Long tip green anemone

    Opens to size of a softball. 5" across Clown has zero interest in it after a year. Eats anything i give it. text for picks pick up only east meadow ny 516-749-6862 Ok, so apparently over time, its lost its green hue, and shifted to purple. Didnt discover this until today. As i never have...
  11. Wtb: dry base rock

    Looking for base rock on long island. Probably gonna need 50-75 pounds. Lmk 516 749 6862 Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  12. Free 20 long and stand

    No I do not have any livestock to give away for free. No I am not leaving the hobby. I upgraded to 80 gallon 48 by 24 tank. Free to whoever can come pick it up tomorrow by 5:00 p.m. Aqueon 20 long. The back is painted black with acrylic paint on the outside. Do it yourself two by 4 stand...
  13. Fs/ft $20 skimmer

    Aqua medic Turboflotor 1000 skimmer. Ill level with you 100%, I know nothing about it. It came with a set up i just bought. I dont like skimmers, i dont want it. Its dirty, pump works. First $20 takes it. Or trade for a frag. Pick up East Meadow ny 516 749-6862
  14. FT: mp10qd

    Bought it in 2018. Never filled out the registration card. still have the original box No issues whatsoever. Just upgrading to a larger tank (90g) were it will not work. Trade for a icecap gyre, maxspec gyre, jebao pp20, jebao rw, wavelink hell, even a couple of koralia evo's.
  15. WTB: 4 foot tank

    Looking for tank and stand. 4 footers only lmk what you have
  16. Acrylic work

    Im interested in having someone do some acrylic work for me. No it's not a sump or tank. A local preferred. Text for info
  17. Wtb: Marco Algae

    Looking for various macroalgaes. Not interested in chaeto. Pm or text what you have. (516)749-6862
  18. JJSBLM for sale thread

    Eheim 1250 return pump. Used Very clean. 320gph asking $65 Eshops nano hob overflow Brand new in box, never seen water asking $45 10g sump 3 sections 5 gallon fuge or skimmer section 2 gallon return section. never used asking $60 ABI par 38 12 watt bulb, used ~8...
  19. Wtb:nano skimmer

    Looking to add a sump to my nano. Might as well have a skimmer. Lmk what you have. (516)749-6862
  20. 60 cube & base rock for trade

    I have a 60 cube reef ready (24x24x24) black trim, black silicone Trade for nano skimmer or ato. Possibly even a nice 30x12 stand Text for pics (516)749-6862