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  1. Equipment WTB Calcium Reactor for 150 gallon tank

    WTB calcium reactor for 150 gallon tank. Let me know what you have.
  2. Equipment ATS FS $225 Turbos aquatics L2 algae scrubber

    I am selling my Turbo aquatics algea turff scrubber.$225 It worked very well for me. I have just upgraded to the larger one. I'm located in 11691
  3. Equipment Pax bellum Arid N24 $500

    Selling my Pax bellum N24. It's currently running on my 150 gallon system doing well. I'm selling it because I'm trying to remove from outside of my aquarium stand and it won't fit. I will also be at the MR frag swap on Sunday. I will post pictures later today. Pick up is in 11691 or Brooklyn
  4. WTB MJ1200 pump or equivalent

    WTB a water pump from around 295 GPH to 700 GPH. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Eric
  5. New ma887 digital seawater refractometer - milwaukee $80

    New in box Digital Refractometer $80 Im in 11691
  6. CORAL for sale Mini colonies and frags

    I need to make some room in my tank. Pick up 11691 Frags are 2+ inches multibranched 20$ Green Anacropora(fresh cut available) Coop Bloody Red Monti Frag ORA Bird of paradise Forest fire Digitata Green Slimer Acropora horrida acropora sarmentosa
  7. $80 Avast marine K1 Kalk stirrer

    $80 Avast marine K1 Kalk stirrer
  8. $90--2x BRS Dosers, Dosing container, Extra Tubing

    $90 2x 1.1 ml per min BRS Dosers replacement tubing Triple Dosing container Extra Tubing
  9. WTB aiptasia eating filefish

    I would like to get 1 or 2 aiptasia eating filefish for my 150 gallon mixed reef. If anyone has one for sale or knows of a store who has them please let me know. Thanks
  10. Looking for Chaeto algea BK or Queens

    Looking to pick up some Chaeto in BK or Queens.
  11. Harlequin shrimp pair for sale. $40

    Have a pair of Harlequin shrimp for sale. I'm in 11691
  12. FS: Spawning pair of Blue throat triggerfish

    I would like to sell my pair of bluethroat trigger fish. They lay eggs about every month. Unfortunately I cant keep clams on the and bed anymore as they always try to move them. they both are about 6 inches long. They have been spawning for a few months. I was able to catch video of the female...
  13. WTB Cheato

    WTB Cheato Thanks
  14. WTB harlequin shrimp

    WTB harlequin shrimp Thanks Eric
  15. Free Sailfin Tang pick up 11691

    Free sailfin tang. Perfect specimen and Healthy. Had to remove him as he started to nip open brain coral and dendro coral. About 4 to 5 inches. First come first serve. Bring own bucket. Pick up 11691
  16. 2 Geo 410 Media reactors

    Great reactors! They are bullet proof and make changing media easy. It could also be used as 2nd chamber for calcium reactors. Purchased 11/2016. asking $60 each
  17. WTB Monti caps, Birdsnest frags

    Looking for frags Red monti caps green monti caps purple monti caps ORA Bird of paradise Birds nests- pink green and other various colors Preferably in Queens, Brooklyn and LI( Not too far out, I'm in Far Rockaway) Thanks Eric
  18. WTB Kalk Stirrer or Reactor for 150 gallon tank.

    WTB Kalk Stirrer or Reactor for 150 gallon tank.
  19. FS/FT Tunze 9001, 1/2 inch Seaswirl, Booster pump CD8600

    Will trade for corals $70---FS/FT Tunze 9001 $60---1/2 inch Seaswirl, $40--Watts Booster pump CDP8600 I used this for my RO Buddy RODI to get better performance when I had a nano tank. Located in 11691
  20. Fs 2x 48" Miro T5 retrofit kit 4 bulbs

    Fs 2x 48" Miro T5 retrofit kit 4 bulbs I have 2 48 Inch t5 retrofit kits. Bought in 10/2016 so still under warranty. They come with 3 48" blue+ and 1 purple+ bulbs been used for less than 5 months. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk