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  1. Frag Swap RSVP NOW: Manhattan Reefs Frag Swap - Sunday November 17th

    I'm in. Can't wait been a long time. See you next week.
  2. orp probe wtb at swap

    Any vendors going to have an orp probe for sale at the swap?
  3. Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there, I hope you have a special day.
  4. 48" 8 bulb curret t 5 light

    I have a 48" current 8 bulb t5 light fo sale $ 150.00. works fine, bulbs were about 8 months old when i bought it . I planned on using it but never did and i am now going with leds.
  5. thinking of new light

    Thinking of getting a new light, right now I have an 8 bulb current t5. I am thinking of getting an ati sunpower. Should I get a 4,6,8 bulb fixture. Its going on a 90 gal mixed reef mostly LPS and softies with a few easier SPS. Any help in my decision would be appreciated. Also is the dimmable...
  6. Brooklyn bridge closed this weekend

    Be advised i just left a meeting with the Bklyn bridge construction contractor and they stated that they will be closing the Manhattan bound lanes of the Bklyn bridge from 12am Saturday 4/27/13 to 6am Monday 4/29/13. If you are going to the swap plan a different route other than the Bklyn bridge.
  7. free green mantis shrimp

    Caught a 1inch green mantis shrimp. Free if someone wants it. Pick up on Staten island or red hook bklyn
  8. tank finally ready again after sandy loss

    Finally my tank is ready after a huge loss due to Sandy. Now I just have to decide what coral to place in my tank. Any suggestions or donations will be appreciated. Unfortunately I don't think I am ready to keep SPS corals yet.
  9. wtb cheato or calerpa

    Want to buy cheato or calerpa for my newly setup fuge.
  10. wtb cheato or other macro

    I am looking to buy some cheato or other macro for my fuge.
  11. another total loss

    finally mde it ome after working 14 hrour days for nyc sanitation to find anything i left in tank dead.( place a lot of coral in friend an familys houses and they are wose off than me) . i guess i'll just scub everything, do water changes and start over.
  12. caterpillar in my tank

    found this attatched to my back glass tonight, is it friend or foe. it looks like a hairy caterpillar, it must if hitchhicked on my florida lliverock
  13. frag swap question

    i m thinking of coming, but i m trying to figure out how i can get coral frags and carry them around for 4 hours before leaving without them being in sad shape when i get home? Are they held until the end or what?