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  1. WTB - Neptune Classic base unit

    Anyone have one in good condition to sell? Mine is on the fritz...
  2. FREE FRAGS + BEER - Help me move my tank!!!

    Hi all, longtime member, infrequent poster. I'm moving my 180g, 3 y/o reef tank. It's a relatively short move (Midtown -> Flatiron), but the first time I've ever attempted such a thing. I've been doing my research and have a plan and all necessary supplies (I hope!) I've also hired a...
  3. WTB: Chiller, Ecotech battery backup

    Seeking used Chiller (1/4 - 1/3 hp) & Ecotech battery backup. I'm located in midtown and can pickup anywhere accessible by subway. PM me if you have either!
  4. WTB: LifeReef skimmer

    Seeking LifeReef skimmer suitable for 180 gallon mixed reef tank. Used OK. PM me if you've got one for sale!
  5. WTB: (2) Ecotech MP40w + Battery backup

    Looking for 2 Vortech Mp40w pumps + battery backup. Will pay fair price for equipment in good condition
  6. FS: Brand new Vortech MP10es

    I received 2 of these pumps and ended up only needing one (they're super-powerful!) Manufacturing date October 2011. Box is still sealed and has never been opened. Located in midtown Manhattan. $220 OBO