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  1. wtb fresh water aquascaping setup

    interested in setting up a small planted fresh water tank
  2. wtb cheato

    anyone have cheato they can spare or sell. any place close to the city or Astoria, Queens thanks.
  3. For Sale Fs, skimmer

    protein skimmer And chiller in great working condition. skimmer $300 willing to trade for doser pump
  4. Skimmer & chiller for sale

    The chiller is 1/10 hp for $300 2 Eheim 1260 pumps $80 each Skimmer $300 firm
  5. Want to buy a 30 gallon tank setup for freshwater

    Looking for a rectangle shape tank and stand not too far from city
  6. F/S 36" combo light fixture

    Marineland 36" 2x54 watt T5, 1x150 watt Mh with moon lights. $300
  7. WTB a RR tank

    I've sold my tank months ago and have kept most of my equipment. Am looking in getting back into the hobby. am looking for a non-rimless tank close to the dimension of 48"x21"22"
  8. Live plate rock & sump F/S

    I just broke down and sold my fish tank so now I have a large plate rock and a mint condition sump F/S Rock is at $4.00 a lb. Dimension are 29"x16" and weight is about 50 lbs Sump is $250 Dimension: 37"x15"x15" Skimmer chamber: 11"x 15" Refugium: 13"x15" Return chamber: 7"x15"
  9. custom 120 gal reef tank F/S

    I am selling a 1 year old 120 gal. 3 sided starphire 4'x2' reef ready tank in mint condition with a stand for $350 I also selling the sump for $200 mint condition 37"x15x15 1st chamber 7' 2nd chamber 14" 3rd chamber 11" the pics of the tank was taken today. i am keeping everything else for...
  10. med to lg RBTA for sale

    i have a RBTA F/S i want $60
  11. i want a custom wood stand built

    Hey guys i am looking for someone who knows how to really build a nice stand for my 120 gal tank. Dem: are 4" x 2" however i want the stand to be longer to accommodate what i plan to put underneath. i have a marineland 150 gal 3DD with clear blotches that you can't notice when filled with water...
  12. need to borrow a refugium light

    I've had one for a few years then it stop working so i decided to buy a new one which is the jbj Macro glow. it worked for about 2 months then it goes on and off and now its off. so i want to send it to the manufacturer to have a look at it. not sure what it could be and i don't to buy another...
  13. need advice on hiding my tanks equipment

    Like most of us we don't want our wires and gadget showing off to the side of our display fish tank. 1st off i live in an apt. so i don't have a second room or a basement to attach and hide the plumbing, etc. like I've seen a few people have which is fine. however i have my calcium reactor...
  14. Marineland 150 gal. tank and lights for sale

    this is an update. I have a used marineland 150gal 3DD cube. 36x36x27 no scratches, in great condition for $600 now $500 also the marineland lights that comes with it 36" long , 2 x 54 watts t5's, 1x 150 watt MH and moon lights. $400 now $350 am willing to trade for some frags of high end sps...
  15. wtb a used TLF 150 phosban reactor

    title says it all. but not to far from queens
  16. dual reactor F/S

    i have a used dual reactor and a single with pump. dual for $45, single for $30. willing to trade for sps
  17. what's the difference in wattages? lights

    Hi all, i am thinking of getting a new refugium light for my sump. however the light fixture comes in 15 or 25 watts both with a 6500k bulb. I know that more watts mean more power and consumption but what does that mean when it comes with the same 6500k bulb? and same size. Also i was thinking...
  18. live rocks F/S

    I've had these rock in my system for a few years. they are still in my tank i am having problems again to upload current pic. $3 a lb. i have about no more than 100lbs willing to trade for corals.
  19. Wtb echo tech led hanging kit

    I can order these but I wanted to find out if someone have then in stock not far from queens for pick up. I just want the hanging wires not the rails.
  20. geo cal reactor setup

    i have a used great condition complete calcium reactor set. Geo 618 cal reactor $300 10 lbs. co2 cylinder $70 regulator with solenoid $70 American pin point Ph controller with probe $120 almost new reactor with pump, connector and hose $30 i would take a trade with some cash and a BM dosser...