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  1. Equipment For sale JBJ Artica Chiller 1/5 HP

    $450 gets you a used but in excellent condition JBJ Arctica 1/5 HP chiller. I'll throw in a Medusa 3 point Temperature Controller for those of you who don't have an Apex. Pick up at Pratt in Brooklyn 11205. Serious inquires only. Paypal to hold. Please PM me. Randy...
  2. Prattreef post swap water change

    With all the new frags and a post swap water change, Prattreef is looking photogenic this evening.
  3. That's the way to do it MR!

    A big round of applause for the entire Manhattan Reefs community. As the host I wanted personally thank all our members, admins., vendors, and sponsors for making this our smoothest, and best run event ever. An extra big shout out goes to my incredible Pratt Reef Club kidz who really stepped up...
  4. It’s here!

    The Gramma dejongi has made an appearance. Who is going home with this rare beauty?
  5. Set up looking good!

    A lot of hard work today paid off. The room is looking great and vendors have brought their A games! Here’s some quick pics. Plenty more to do..... see you all tomorrow!
  6. A Note from Your Host--PLEASE READ!

    Hey everybody, I’m excited to be hosting all of you on Sunday. We have a tremendous event planned and I wanted to impart some important information so that the event goes as smoothly as possible. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING! The Frag Swap is Sunday November 17th from 10-5 at The Pratt...
  7. Frag Swap Swap Donation Thread

    MR wants your frags! We are able to run these events partly because of the generous donations from our members. MR resells these items at reasonable prices from our sales tank across from the raffle table. We are interested in all kinds and categories of things from bags of Cheato and beginner...
  8. Frag Swap Swap Volunteers Needed!

    Hello everyone, It's that time of year again and we need your help to make this swap a success. There are 2 time slots you can volunteer for. If you want to volunteer, post on the thread with your screen name & first name and tell us when you will be available. Include the same info - along with...
  9. You know we have speakers at the Swap, Right?

    In the midst of the pre-swap, frag ogling frenzy, it often gets over-looked that the Swap is an opportunity to do much more than trade and buy corals. We make every effort to make your experience an educational one by presenting demos or workshops throughout the day. We also bring in world class...
  10. Frag Swap Breaking News! Major Swap announcement!!!!

    Manhattan Reefs is honored to announce that our friends at Biota Aquariums have gone above and beyond and they are donating a Holy Grail fish to our event. Attendees will now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an Aqua-cultured Gramma dejongi basslet, a fish which retails for nearly...

  12. Frag Swap Swap Raffle Prizes are Rolling in!

    The Raffle at the swap is going to be straight 🔥🔥🔥. Prizes are already rolling in and we are just getting started. When you're shopping for equipment and supplies, please remember these generous vendors who help sustain this community. And please support MR by participating in the raffle...
  13. For Trade For trade at Swap. Prattreef Green Fiji Table frag

    I'm looking to trade this 1.5" frag of my Green Fiji Tabling Acro. A real stunner and very hardy. Interested in mainly nice Acros, but let me know what you've got.
  14. Sunlight Supply Tek Light T-5 fixture 48" $100

    6 x 54watt lamps. Fixture in good shape. All lamps light, but should probably be replaced. Pick up is at Pratt in Brooklyn, 11205. Serious inquiries only. PM if interested. Randy
  15. Adult Genicanthus semifasciatus female for sale $50

    Moving some fish around my various tanks and this 4-5" female is odd woman out. It has been in my reef for about 8 years. It's fat, happy and eats everything greedily. She is in a small acclimation tank and I need her gone ASAP. Sorry, I can't get a good pic right now, but this is the species...
  16. BIG NEWS! is merging with Advanced Aquarist/

    We are super excited about this!!!!
  17. My interview with Aquarist of the Year Jamie Craggs.

    Jamie Craggs is the 2018 MASNA Aquarist of the Year. It is an incredibly well deserved honor, recognizing Jamie's ground breaking achievements in the captive spawning and rearing of corals. I had the chance to sit down with Jamie to talk about his work. He is brilliant and, thankfully I am not...
  18. Great interview with Dr. Charlie Veron the Godfather of Coral!

    Another highlight of MACNA this year was the opportunity to listen to Dr. Veron talk about corals, his career, climate change and his views on the hobby. had a chance to sit down with Charlie and chat for about 15 mins. and it was one of the highlights of my reefing life. I didn't do...
  19. What's really going on in Hawaii.

    Here is Dr. Bruce Carlson's talk from MACNA about the history and data surrounding the current ban on fish collection in Hawaii. Dr. Carlson is the former Director of the Waikiki Aquarium and curator at the Georgia Aquarium. He is a long time resident of Hawaii and strong advocate for the both...
  20. The new issue of Reefs Magazine is now live!

    Please check out the latest issue of Reefs Magazine! Lots of goodness... Enjoy.