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  1. Who has Stratospheres?

    Title says it all, Question is who has any? Anyone still got any polyps i sold them from a few years back and been holding?! Here is a picture taken by me of my colony. Thanks in advanced.
  2. WTB Pink Zippers

    I miss my pink zippers! If anyone has please comment below, it is a zoanthid/ palythoa for those who done know. Here is a picture taken by me of one of my old colony's for reference.
  3. ROBs redsea max e260! Back in the hobby!

    Hey everyone! Back in the hobby. Bought a RedSea max e260 from marine depot back in January, its been a good 4-4.5 years since i been getting my hands salty but im back and cant wait to atart up a full blown collection! RockWork is built to be SPS heavy but currently zoa and LPS with 4 frags of...
  4. 93 corner tank&Stand Great deal!.

    hey guys, bought this tank a while back. Tank is in good condition stand is okay, was gonna set up for a FOWLER tank cause i wanted bigger fish for us. but then stumbled opon a few family related issues, still waiting to setup our 120G and have another build coming too. Granny ended up in...
  5. FS x2AI SOL BLUE.

    got 2 AI SOL BLUE (black housing) has old style controller collecting dust in the basement. comes with a custom rail 41" or so. 350$ cash in hand sale. Pick up will be in whitestone. or i can deliver within a reasonable distance.
  6. in need of a Handy man.

    :scratch:okay Reefers. i know we have some skilled electricians / carpenters on here. i need some help sheetrocking the basement and replace the old outlets with 3 Pronged Grounded ones. also have a door in the bathroom that needs to be looked at. figured it would be of best interest to...
  7. pod's some 1 xome get em!!!.

    Just cleaned my macro alage off . gos a nice back of poda small ones and aimw med ones, and tonasssssssssssssssssss. Of micro ones.!! Free to the first person. Tossing them if no one comes get em within the next 2 hours.!
  8. this tank looks awesome.!!!!!

    Was surfing Craig's list and saw is in Manhattan Looks awesome. 5' tall tank almost.what would you make out of it.!?!
  9. cleaning the basement.

    Alright reefers. Bulbs will be local only. As I do not want them to break in transit. Everythingelse can be shipped, on buyers will. Just let me know if you need item or items shipped. Up for grabs. Skimmers first, TIA-1105 CAD LIGHTS SKIMMER uses on a 100g ran great. 150$ +SHIPPING...
  10. 80G Frag, or custom frag tank.

    as the title says. if you have a lead or have one please let me know. im only looking for TANK only. to pay good price must be in pristine condition and no scratches on the front pane. also if you have a custom frag tank please let me know the DIMS of it, must be a 48" or longer. no more...
  11. Wtb bloodshots and other zoas.!

    looking to buy depending on picture and price. anywhere from 1p-7p. pm me or comment here on this thread if you have some and are looking to sell some. lost my colony a while back looking to get some again. also if you have a list of zoas you have please COMMENT on the list you have. and...
  12. database error

    What's up witmr not working all day.? I was just able to get back on a hour or so ago. Now I can click on certain things... Any mods or staff members lookininto the problem.? If I were all you members , watch out what your type info wise. There are allot of phisinglinks going around sent...
  13. WTB ATI BULB's

    hey guys , do any of you know any sites or stores that are having a sale on bulbs? or if they have bulbs at all.? looking for 48" and 24" ati blue+ ati actinic ati purple+ i no AV has our Redsea actinic & redsea bluewhite 15k we use. one of each on both fixtures. thanks for any info!
  14. Chemi-Pure & PhosBan f/s **BNIB** &SKIMMER

    have 3 containers of chemi-pure 10oz containers brandnew never opened 7$ea no use for it any more my loss your gain SOLD also have 1 container of phosBan by two little fishes (julian Sprung's formula) 10$ no use for it anymore my loss your gain SOLD also have a PRECISION MARINE RL175...
  15. Zoas for sale at the Swap.

    Zoas for sale & TRADE! at the Swap. up for grabs some stuff ive been growing out, up for Trades as well for stuff i dont have.! thanks peeps! see you all there.! 65$:: 4p Seductions SOLD 160$:: 21p Lazer Lemons 60$:: 4p Utter Chaos 20$:: 2p Scrambled Eggs SOLD 35$:: 4p Lazer Lemons 70$:: 7p...
  16. WTB Lettuce Nudibranch's.

    looking for 10 lettuce NUDIS. prefer from 1 person. Thanks allot. PM me or comment on here.
  17. Brute 44G grey .

    can anyone tell me how far down from the Lip of the CAN, is the 40 Gallon mark. ? im loosing my mind trying to find it. cause i want to make sure im not gonna over shoot with the ESV or Under shoot it. if anyone can help that would be great.! thanks allot.! here is a picture of my CANS :P

    im going to be purchasing a 250W bulb as well as a 400W bulb for our new fixture. please all comments are welcomed and advice needed ASAP! thank you . ! please let me no the best BULBS to get for Growing SPS. i no 20k Radiums are really good but witch one is the good one? there is a german...
  19. WTB: lynx nudibranch!

    IF ANY VENDORS HAVE PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. THANK YOU. or if anyone can point me in the direction of getting a few that would be great. Thanks allot!.
  20. Where to find Jaebo Products Thread.

    here are some Links to the WP 60 ,40 ,25 as well as other Items In the Jaebo Brand. These Links Are from the Seller Jaebo On Amazon witch you all know he is the Creator of these Pumps. Good luck on your Search Hope i helped.! also i no there is allot of lazy people out there and just people...