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  1. Cadlights Sump

  2. Lighting schedule to long or strong?

    Just started my tank in June its bare bottom and started with dry rock.. I know i have lack of nutrients Nitrates-0, Phosphates-0 BUT thats not my question here.. I'm curious if i'm blasting the few corals i do have with 1 to much light and 2 to long.. my tank is 36x24x12.. I have first gen...
  3. Cadlights Sump

    Have a cadlights sump available its 27.5x15 its 25 Gallons $150 pick up near White Plains,NY (Westchester)
  4. WTT Hydra 26 HD white for black

    I originally wanted to go all white with my aquatic life fixture but got an awesome price for this black one. Unfortunately i already bought a white hydra 26 hd.. wonder if anyone will like to trade a brand new black for a brand new white.. Only thing is you can open box to keep power block bc i...
  5. Cadlights Stand

    Like new high gloss white cadlights stand dimensions are 36x24x36 (LxWxH) $200 Pick up near White Plains,NY (Westchester)
  6. IM Ghost Skimmer DESKTOP

    Have this Ghost Skimmer for sale asking $75. PICK UP White Plains,NY
  7. 5.0 Liter Dosing Containers

    I have (3) 5.0 Liter dosing containers. Looking for $150.. Pick up in Westchester County.. Setting up a IM 25 Lagoon still need some equipment will trade for something that i need. Measurements 6.25" Diameter x 16" Tall
  8. Bio cube w/ sump, ETC....

    OK i'm selling my whole set up just dont have the drive or time any more to do it... PICK UP IS WHITE PLAINS,NY.... Will work out shipping with buyer besides tank -Bio Cube 29 & Sump W/ Rapid LED FULL Specturm Light - $350 PRICE CHANGE $300 -Minimax Midsize - $80 PRICE CHANGE $75 -Reef Octopus...
  9. Bubble Magus Doser BM-T01

    Like the title says all heads work great just need tubing and containers and your ready to go.. $150 and its yours... PRICE CHANGE $125
  10. Tank, Apex, Ecotech, ETC.....

    OK i'm selling my whole set up just dont have the drive or time any more to do it... PICK UP IS WHITE PLAINS,NY.... -Bio Cube 29 & Sump W/ Rapid LED FULL Specturm Light - $350 -Apex JR $180... -PM1 w/ probe $80... -VDM $50 SOLD -Minimax Midsize - $80 -Skimz sn 123 Skimmer - $125 SOLD -100w...
  11. Brs fiji dry live rock

    ordered 45 lbs and only used half of it got some nice pieces still here ill take $50 for the rest of it.
  12. Clownfish

    Looking for a snowflake and DaVinci close to westchester as possible
  13. Herbie on a Biocube

    Happy to say I successfully did the herbie overflow on a Biocube 29 this thing is so quite and it's not hard at all.. drilled the glass myself lil scary but doable just take it slow.
  14. Aquamaxx WS-1 Skimmer

    $100 will ship for free
  15. Apex Display & Sicce 1.5 Pump

    Like title says i have a used Apex display for sale ill take $100 for it & the sicce pump is only 1 week OLD!! i'm going a different way with my tank and need a bigger pump ill take $55... I will PAY for SHIPPING.. APEX - $100 SICCE - $55
  16. Cycle With Shrimp

    Just wondering what to do next i put 2 raw shrimp in a net and used dr tims one & only a week and half ago my readings are as is Ammonia 4ppm Nitrite 2ppm Nitrate 10 ppm
  17. ATI 36 Inch 6x39W Dimmable SunPower T5

    Just like the title says T5 light for sale only a year old i have bulbs in it that were only ran at 40% max so up to you if you wanna replace them ill take $400... BOTH fans work like buying brand NEW
  18. Custom RADION mounts

    I have a pair of radion mounts looks like your lights are floating in the air letting the pair go for $50 firm pick up in westchester
  19. 2 Radion pros (First pro not Gen 3)

    Like the title says i have 2 pros for sale they have only ran at 45% max the whole time ive had them. I'm the original owner $575 EACH With custom bracket built by a great manhattan reef member. I do not have the original boxes.
  20. Need advice on MOVING and making ROCK aiptasia FREE

    So ill be moving in the next 2 weeks and wanna make the move as smooth as possible only problem is i have aiptasia on a bunch of my rock and since ill have the rock out i wanna try and make it aiptasia FREE.. So question is can i set up a large cooler like the one below for 2 days with the fish...