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  1. fs: 210 gallon all glass tank and stand

    for sale a used 210 gallon all glass tank and stand w/ strip light? and glasstop! 72 x 24 x29 Plain tank no overflow. used for about 4 years for fresh water cichlids Asking 500 for it... Bring guys and a van to load it. located in Queens by the LIE...
  2. FS: 24X18X10 AIO Frag Tank

    AIO approx 15gallon 24X18X10 frag tank Acrylic! 50 bux... perfect working condition. Located in flushing queens.!39432&authkey=!AFOHVr2kocOUeTI&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg...
  3. FS: FW red parrots and other cichlids

    HI.... i need these gone soon... anyone interested in FW red parrots and other assorted african cichlids? they are healthy and always hungry. i am located in flushing queens. please bring a bucket asking $15-20 each..if you take all of them we can work something out. Please PM me.
  4. FS: jbj nanocube 24g stand only $75

    FS: jbj nanocube 24g stand only new price $60 Cleaning up some stuff... i have a jbj nanocube STAND only brand new in box... i only open the box to check for damage. This is designed for their 24g tank STAND ONLY asking $60. i'm located in flushing queens PM me please...
  5. WTB: small nano tank with stand

    Hi... anybody got a used, working condition, not leaking.... small tank w/ stand available?
  6. azoo 4 fan cooling - $25

    I have a used for a year 4-fan cooling unit. asking $25. i got it from Dr fostersmith PM if interested... I am in flushing queens.
  7. Frags for the swap

    Chalices Pink Boobies 1 eye Mother Cornbred 3G mummy 1 eye Mother Tyree volcano WYSIWYG A) 2 eyes! B) Tyree fire echinopora lamellosa Small frag Large Frag pictured Miami hurricane/ Pumpkin patch Assorted chalices All are well healed for a few...
  8. FS: some zoas

    Hi.. i have some frags of zoas for sale Red hornets 1-2p - Sold 5-4p - $35 1-7p- $60 Captain America Palys 3.5p - Sold Spiderman Zoas 4p- sold Purple Deaths 3- 8p+ mini colonies $25 each. Green Bay Packers 2- 3p $15 PM is key. I am in flushing queens. Pick up only. no flakes, no...
  9. Some of my collection

    Hi... a friend stopped by and helped me take some shots.. i have a lot to learn... i thought i had a bad camera... turns out its just me :( Some of these are from 1-2 eye frags thats grown over 1.5 years into mini colonies. Enjoy.
  10. WTB: Reefkeepr, modules (sl1 or sl2 and net) and PC4s

    WTB: Reefkeeper, modules (sl1 or sl2 and net) and PC4s Please PM me if you have any of these parts available. My setup got wet and shorted. TIA
  11. FS Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens

    Hello... i barely use this lens... i bought it last year. Comes with ET-67 hood and Hoya UV lens. Asking $430
  12. top-down shots? tripod?

    anybody using a tripod or some sort of mount for topdown shots? I have a tripod but its tough to get a 90 degree angle over the tank.. is there some sort of boom extension i can attached to the tripod? Any info would be appreciated.. thanks :)
  13. FS: live rock covered in green metallic mushrooms

    Hello.. i have a live rock covered in mushrooms. Rather than trying to remove all of the mushrooms. i would like to sell the rock. It is about 4"x9" Asking 40 dollars for it. Please pick up... bring a busket. Pic of the shrooms fully open Pic with the shrooms somewhat agitated.
  14. FS: lifereef overflow box slimline version

    Hello.. i have a used Lifereef prefilter single 600gph overflow box slimline version Comes with overflow box, 1 U tube (new), rear back box, manual and 1 clamp for the hose. Only thing missing is the prefilter. mine was very dirty so i tossed it. I cleaned it up as best as possible and it is...
  15. DIY LED build help

    Hello... i have a 48 x 16 x 12H tank and i want to upgrade to LEDs.. now sure how I should lay out the bulbs and how many bulbs i would need. I have mostly LPS and some SPS. Any input would be greatly appreciated... TIA
  16. Aquactinics Tx5 T5HO fixture 48"

    I have a used for 3 years Aquactinics TX5 Series 48" T5HO Fixture (AT-TX54800) = 250.00 This fixture uses 5- 54W T5 bulbs. More info about the fixture here: Price includes : TX5 Mounting Brackets/ Stands Hanging Kit (brand new never mounted)...
  17. big pieces of montipora caps and superman chalice

    Hello.. i have 2 big pieces of montipora caps i would like to sell. One is a orange cap. its about 8-9 inches long and 4-5 inches wide. The other one is a green cap w/ purple rims. it is about 6-7 inches long and 3-4 inches wide. it is the whole front pieces of this colony that broke off...
  18. anybody got some chaeto?

    Hi. anybody got some chaeto/refugium algae they can bring to the swap?
  19. meph's frags for the swap

    Hello.. i have a few frags available for sale/trade. Also... anybody got some chaeto available? Nuclear Green Zoanthid 2 - 1 Polyps - $5 3 - 3 Polyps - $15 1 - 6 polyps - $20 Purple Death Paly 3- 1 Polyps- $5 2- 3 polyps - $15 2- 4 polyps - $15 2- 9 Polyps - $25 Red People Eater...
  20. Fs: Rbta

    Anybody in the flushing area interested in a RBTA? mine just split, so i'm selling the clone. its about 1.5-2 inch wide. Asking 35 dollars. PM if interested.