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  1. Coral Acans , blasto and candy cane FS

    what kind of acan is the smaller one
  2. Coral WWC kung pao, Rainbow chalice, rainbow acans, Rainbow Goni, ZOAS, BTA, etc.

    Need to fund new lights so letting go of some prize pieces. will only trade for 36' T5 unit. or Aquatic life 36' T5 hybrid fixture, an AI prime or radion xr15. Location, Long Island near glen cove. BTAs small 3 available - $40 each take all for $100. WWC kung pao - $120 Rainbow acan #1 5th pic...
  3. Coral Up for trades, indo pink tip torch ( 2 heads)

    what do u want as a trade? besides those torches
  4. Coral Frags for sale

    any Euphyllia ?
  5. Question Shrimps/crabs

    Ny reef aquatic had both the last two times I went in. Pretty sure they always have sexy shrimps. Might have to ask them if they have Pom Pom’s
  6. Fish Barbonius Anthias

    Do you know exactly how long you’ve had him? And what’s ur reason for selling?
  7. For Sale The 100-150 sale

    please let me know when they will be :)
  8. For Sale Hammer & Duncan Corals for sale/trade

    location ? interested in the hammers
  9. elegance coral
  10. For Sale The 100-150 sale

    any corals?
  11. Tank everything

  12. Coral WTB acans and LPS mini colonies on Long Island

    As the title states. Looking for people on Long Island. Trying to fill out my rocks so if you have any lps mini colonies that’d be awesome. Acans, leathers, euphyllia, blastos, elegance, candy cane, etc. thank you:)
  13. Equipment Mp40qd

    Lmk if you’re willing to trade it for anything else
  14. New Here! Advice on my setup please!!! Complete beginner!

    with your budget you might want to go bigger. bigger is better always. 10 gallon all in ones or JBJs are usually good. JBJ biocubes come with everything but a heater so idk you may run into problems with such a small tank. parameters aren't as consistent and you will find yourself doing more...