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  1. SWC UR80 / Next Reef MR1 / BR-110 Reactors

    Im going to be starting biopellets on my 75g tank and was wondering what reactor to get. So far the SWC and Reef Octopus seems to get better reviews/flow with the cone bottom. Im just looking if anyone has any personal experience with them. Thank you,
  2. Return Pump for 75 gallon

    Just curious what everyone is using? I have a mag 9.5 thats outpacing my deep blue reef ready 75. Without cutting teeth in the overflow, does anyone have any ideas on getting more "draining" out of the stock overflow stand pipe. Im going to get a ball valve for now and eventually t off into...
  3. Approved BRS Group Buy (March 27th- April 2nd)

    Hey guys, I got approval for this Group Buy and wanted to get it going.. In order to get this going we need to get 10 people to sign up. The registration period will run until the end of March 25th. We have the required 10! Group buy is a go. The Group buy will run Tuesday March 27th through...