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  1. Free Chaeto!

    Have a large bag of free chaeto. Very good quality. Text message me if you need some 3477127217. Can pick up anytime today/tomorrow after 6pm. Zip11214
  2. Large chaeto Reactor !

    Hello mr, have nuclear reactors/canisters available for sale. They will be perfect to grow chaeto inside (just need to wrap led strip around it and you all set!) No extra heat inside your stand, no mess, no smell ! Each canister has 1inch in/out. Outlet has a valve to regulate water coming out...
  3. Aqua UV Classic 80watts Clarifier/Sterilizer

    Aqua UV light 80watts with brand new light bulbs. Has been tested, works perfectly. Water flow in/out via 1/2inch fitting can be changed up to 1 inch. Best price for it $300. Pick up in Brooklyn 11214. Pm me if interested.
  4. Aqua UV light 80watts

    Hello, I no longer have any tanks but I still have few things left I would like to sell. Aqua UV light 80watts black color with brand new bulbs $300firm. UV light works perfectly and in great condition. Nuclear canister filters brand new : 2section filters $150each 3section filter with 3...
  5. 200g tank breakdown !

  6. Albino turtles !!

    Albino turtles red eared sliders at low sale price! $300each firm Sizes from 2 to 3inch, supper healthy and growing fast. Please contact 347-712-7217 Thanks
  7. Skimmer and other stuff..

    Everything working great with no problems. 300g tank sold. And this is what I have left from that set up: Reef octopus 1000hob skimmer $75 Fluval sp2 950gph inline pump $50 Reef octopus 150int skimmer $125 Reef octopus 150 into regal skimmer with remote $200 Take all for $400.
  8. Reef octopus skimmer with controller!

  9. Live rock $2

  10. Fish for sale!

    10 Fish for sale! Close
  11. Reef octopus classic 200

    Reef octopus classic 200 skimmer Sold
  12. 300g tank

  13. Tank breakdown..

    Sold. Thank you.
  14. Big tanks for sale!

    180g glass tank full set up 1800 200g acrylic tank full set up 2000 3477one272one7
  15. Wtb: Frag tank 4x2 or bigger

    Looking to find a frag tank set up (tank and stand) 4x2x1 feet or bigger. Let me know if somebody has one. Thanks
  16. 180g reef tank set up $600

  17. Chaeto

    Trying to find some chaeto in Brooklyn area. If somebody has some extra, please pm
  18. Equipment

  19. Wtb XL trigger fish

    Looking to buy extra large trigger fish. Let me know if you have something for sale 347-712-7217. Thank you!
  20. 50g sump for Reef tank $60