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    Interested in the following if your willing to sell or trade separately I can meet up Saturday morning ORA Birds of Paradise Garf Bonsai Green Candy Cane 4 heads And the toadstool
  2. Coral Pink diamond zoas

  3. Coral ASD Rainbow Milli, TSA Bill Murray and Pink Milli

    Nice stuff. I have to hit you up in a few weeks for some frags if you still have or if you able to frag more..have to straighten out my tank and the parameters before I add anything
  4. Coral wtb: sps

    I can cut you a piece of the ice fire enchinata from the same colony I cut for you last time.if you didn't score the one from Mike yet
  5. Tank Innovativemarine nuvo 20L

    Sold please close
  6. Neon Green Torch

    He is selling an average torch you see on the market. It's not a hard to find coral.
  7. Neon Green Torch

    Sure I'll sell you a head of my orange"$600 firm" I been into Euphyllia's for well over a decade in this hobby and dealt with some top coral enthusiast that sort after high end Euphyllia's to obtain some of the brightest most colorful one's out there (and alot of members on here can vouch for...
  8. Neon Green Torch

    I'm not doubting you that they are bright and colorful but that's an extremely high price your asking.i sold aussie ultra orange hammers for a third of the price
  9. zoa ID

    Anytime. I pass thru Westchester in the spring and summer months going upstate
  10. zoa ID

    Looks similar to miami vice zoas
  11. zoa ID

    I feel your pain and by all means this hobby gets rough.besides trying to deal with parameter issues or crashed tanks or on a positive side having too much growth and some corals taking over..etc..etc. it's the other side and I know alot of people on here can definitely relate....buying corals...
  12. Coral Pink diamond zoas

    Up for sale I have pink diamond zoas (these zoas are super bright!!) each plug has 4 polyps -have 3 plugs available $50 each or trade for zoas I dont have PayPal to hold Pickup or Meet up within reason
  13. Coral Hallucination mushroom

    Besides being a great guy to deal with,the mushrooms have to be one of the nicest mushrooms on the market.and for the price I'm really shocked you even have to bump this is a pic of mine
  14. Tank Innovativemarine nuvo 20L

    Still here. Willing to trade for corals. .it got to go
  15. Trying to find out what is taking over my rocks

    If its definitely aiptasia I would use peppermint shrimp.and for those that are skeptical about using them (cause I was)my tank was completely infested with them and bought 5 peppermint shrimp which did the job
  16. Question TDS Meter yes or no?

    Personally I always use an inline TDS $39,99 piece of reef trends had said before and after the DI always tells me when its time.i also have a clear chamber for the DI resin so I can see the color go from blue to brown
  17. Coral SPS envy / inspiration

    I remember when Kris aka nanoreefer22 use to run the live sales and Tom would would always call dibs on every SPS frag that would be posted. Use to envy him and his exceptional internet connection.never had the opportunity to see his tank in person but know thruout all these years he always has...
  18. Coral Wtb zoas

    I have blue lagoons and rastas and most likely alot of others you might want
  19. For Sale Sps for sale

    If Christmas wasnt 2 days away I'd be all over these.have to touch base with you after the holidays man.great guy to deal with and definitely has quality stuff and well worth the drive to him.
  20. Question Do i switch from kessil to radions? this is situation

    I couldn't agree more.i have the xr30 on my 60 cube and an xr15 on my 20 drop off.if wish I had bought 2 15's for the 60 rather than having to practically take it apart to properly clean it.on a side note the xr30 is a gen 3 that I bought a month after it came out and never gave me a problem.the...