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  1. Breakdown FOR SALE!!

    Hello all !! I will be breaking down my 55 Gallon Reef Ready tank. For sale items are as follows: (Prefer sale as whole) Aqueon 55 Gallon Reef Ready tank and Pine stand - $200 Custom Sump with Fuge - $100 Ehiem 1262 Return pump - $50 SWC 160 Cone Skimmer - $150 MP10 WES ( Sept 13' if i...
  2. 92 gal corner

    Looking for a 92 gal corner good condition black. Stand and canopy a plus. Thanks.
  3. IO Salt

    Looking for deals on IO Salt mix.
  4. Mp10wes Sept 15 2013

    MP10wes like new. Born on Sept 15 2013. $200 Staten island or meet up within reason.
  5. BioCube 29

    hi all. Getting rid of an oceanic bio cube 29 with upgraded MJ1200 pump, bio cube skimmer(missing cap to skimmer cup), a makeshift eggcrate media tray 3 mo old PC lights and led moon lights (1 of 3 lights don't work) Tank has no scratches on glass but lid is a little scuffed but not too bad...
  6. HVAC Work

    Its starting to get really HOT! Make sure to have your air conditioning units tuned up and cleaned. Quality licenced work at a great price. Tune ups at just $125(local to SI, any further and an estimate will be given)! Quick response times to get you cool FAST! Message me so you can cool down.
  7. Livestock Rock Tank Sump Skimmer FS

    2" cryptic wrasse 1yr -$50 2.5" desjardini sail fin 2 yr -$40 1x Blood Shrimp -$25 2x HarlequinShrimp (paired off) -$70(SOLD) Also for sale is 30lbs+- 2yr old live rock covered in Coraline and baby bristle stars. - $2.50/lb 55 Gallon Reef Ready tank and stand with plumbing NO SCRATCHES THAT I...
  8. This should be good

    Just out of curiosity (since there are so many low ballers here) do you go to stores and low ball them? What's their response to it? I feel its the age old question. Why lowball ? If you want it buy it. If its too much then don't buy it or go buy it elsewhere. Just figured I'd ask
  9. Tank breakdown

    Two MP10wes fs both newer wet sides -$225 each Feb 27 2013 --sold Sept 15 2013 Apex Full $400 year old -SOLD (JMAquatic) Roughly 75 lbs of 2 yr old live rock full of life $2.50/lb Reef ready 55gallon tank and light wood stand good condition minor scratch on side of tank and back is painted...
  10. Fish for sale

    Hello everyone. I am breaking down my system. I have someone taking all coral in 2 weeks. These fish will be available then since it will be easier to catch them. The list is as follows. ---------------SOLD--------------- 2x WC bangai 2yr-$40/pair -pending NYCReefer (deposit) 4.5" cleaner...
  11. Beware of JC Lover

    So I sold JC Lover my harlequin shrimp today. Had it in a cooler in a container inside another container with warm water in a zip lock around the container the shrimp was in. Checked temp every half hour ( was probably in there for 4 hours) with a infared thermometer to ensure water stayed in...
  12. Jbj 28 stand

    Looking for jbj 28 stand or one that will work in good condition preferably for trade of some corals. Thanks.
  13. Harlequin Shrimp F/S

    As title says $25 pickup SI Paypal to hold Sorry for terrible pic but you get the idea
  14. Free Curbside alert tonight only

    4x 13.5 lumemnarc reflectors 250/400 socket 4x 400 watt ballasts 1x 250 watt ballast 1x emperor 400 HOB 1x diatom xl 1x 8 gallon cyl tank with filter and little LED lights. Pickup Staten island. Pm for address. Don't pm with a million questions. Last state of everything was working. No...

    FS or FT $25 3 Head Toxic green branching hammer -sold- $15 Purple Digi $15 Purple Digi-sold- $15 Plug with Daisy polyps--SOLD-- $40 30+ Heads Tubbs Blue $5 Un-Mounted Green Pocilipora $10 1P Frags Rastas 3 Avail--1 Sold-- Blue Hornets 5P- $45 -sold- 4P- $35 x2 Avail SunnyD OR...
  16. Arc eye hawk fish

    For sale is a Arc Eye Hawk Fish Selling for a friend. Pickup in Staten Island. $15 Cash
  17. Platinum trio

    SA Platinum trio Selling a trio of SA Platinum Clownfish. Eating everything. Pickup Staten Island NY Work in JerseyCity travel through bayone Would need to work out a delivery plan. Cash or PP $150 Sorry for poor pictures. They're extremely active.
  18. Stores near sheepshead

    Any stores near emmons ave in sheep's head? At an event and will be done at 8ish. Wondering if I can make this trip to Brooklyn worth while
  19. Swap ticket f/s can't make it

    I have my swap ticket for sale because I can't make it. Face value. Once paid I will contact a mod and have it transfered over. Thanks!
  20. Vendors doing ESV pre orders?

    Any vendors doing Esv salt pre orders? If so let us know price and possible qty discount. Thanks!