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  1. Help please with Humidity

    I?m hoping someone can help me. I have a high ranch so my basement is half in the ground and half out. I have a 150 gallon fish tank with a 30 gallon sump I have been fighting with mold and a musty smell down there for two summers Now. I use a dehumidifier for 8-12 hours a day everyday and...
  2. What are your thoughts on a led light fixture?

    Hey guys so I have been out of the hobby for a while and my aqua illuminations sol blue is starting to give me a lot of problems. So I am in need of a new light ASAP. I?m not looking to grow corals as I?m planing to convert it Over to freshwater soon. What are your thoughts? Thanks I...
  3. Looking to buy a 24 inch or smaller led light

    Looking to buy a led light for a 60 gallon cube tank. Looking to buy in Suffolk country
  4. Looking to buy a remote for aqua illumination sol blue

    Anyone selling a remote for a sol blue fixture?
  5. Selling koi cheap

    Hi I have a bunch of koi I'm looking to unload fast. They are out growing my pond. Looking to sell or trade off about 4 maybe 5 of them. Sizes are 8 plus inches. I'm located in Medford ny. I can meet with them in the Suffolk area. I have pics if you are interested. Pm me your number
  6. 90 gallon reef setup

    90 gallon fish tank with overflow. Wood cabinet with doors and a canopy. And glass dump. Tank needs a good cleaning it's been in the shed for a few months. Will sell for 400 best offer Pickup in Medford ny Pm me your number if you want to see pics
  7. 90 gallon tank setup

    90 gallon with overflow dark wood cabinet with matching canopy and sump. No lights and no pump. Best offer Pickup only in Medford Long Island I can text you a picture. Pm me your number
  8. 40 gallon breeder tank

    40.00 pickup in Medford Long Island
  9. 75/90 gallon wood cabinet stand

    75/90 gallon wood cabinet stand with two drawers and r doors. Just a beautiful cherry wood stand. Brand new never used. Decided to go with a 150 gallon. Stand also comes with a free oak color canopy. Was going to stain to match stand but never got around to it. Stand retails for 549.99...
  10. Looking to buy mushrooms

    Looking to buy some mushrooms in Suffolk area
  11. 65 gallon Red max Sea max C-250

    Setup is like new condition. Super clean ready for plug and play. Tank was only used for a few Months. Setup is like brand new. Comes with everything. Pickup is in Medford NY. Sorry I can't deliver or meet. You must pickup. - Asking 1150.00 Sells new for 2500.00
  12. Looking for a 29 biocube hood/light

    Hey does anyone have a biocube hood or light for a 29 gallon biocube? Thanks
  13. Free Dempsey

    He is located in selden Long Island. He needs a home today. He's 6 plus inches. Super healthy and just beautiful. Need picked up today
  14. Looking to buy SUV

    Looking to buy used SUV. Must be newer then 2009 and have less then 50,000 miles. Would Like 3rd row seat Interested in Pilots Explores Pathfinder 4Runner Durango And some others Must have a clean title with no accidents
  15. Wtb 6ft light led freshwater fish

    Looking to buy a 6 foot light for a freshwater tank I am located on Long Island. Thank you
  16. Freshwater ich help please

    Been in the freshwater hobby for 30 years and never had ich. I bought a new fish 4 Days ago and the very next day I had ich on other fish in the tank. I'm treating the tank with copper power green. The tank is a 150 gallon dose recommended is 14oz. I used 10oz because I have scaleless fish...
  17. 12 gallon nano cube DX

    12 gallon nano cube DX 100.00 Pickup in Medford
  18. Looking for Driftwood

    Anyone have some driftwood on Long Island you want to sell?
  19. Want to buy Fresh water light 4ft-6ft

    Looking for freshwater light. 4 ft to 6 foot light. Need it for a 150 gallon. Also looking for gravel Long Island only please :)
  20. RBTA for sale or trade

    (3) 3 to 4 inches 50.00 each Or will trade for a light for a 6 foot fresh water tank or a mag pump Pickup or meet on Long Island only